Reg Advice (last exam left need to pass by Nov30)

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    Ninja Juice

    I have no knowledge in tax and recently scored 62% after studying while working. I used Ninja questions only (no textbook) and read right and wrong answers in test bank. The candidate performance card isnt very helpful so can anyone perhaps suggest best approach to preparing for end of Nov?

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    How many questions did you do? Taking an exam with just one tool (MCQ) is like building a house with just one tool.

    I do like Ninja Notes but that's a supplement, not a tome. I have not seen the Ninja book but you should have a book (for all the details – if disciplined to read) – or videos if disciplined to watch, plus notes, plus MCQ plus a way to assimilate that knowledge into your long term memory (which in my case is my own copious notes followed by much curating).

    If no background in tax, anything less is just asking for trouble.

    November is a good timeline. Get that foundation, then those MCQ in and don't settle until the learning curve provided in Ninja says you're ready.

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    FAR - 1. Becker only - fail; 2. added Ninja Notes and MCQ - Pass
    AUD - 1. Becker videos; Ninja Notes, Audio, MCQ, Becker Notes - Pass
    BEC - 1. Ninja Notes, Audio, MCQ, Becker Notes - Pass
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    A common pitfall some of my friends have fallen into on REG has been reviewing the sims to study their structure, but not the content itself. Use the sims as a refresher on the material you need to learn – not necessarily the formats to expect. You'll be amazed at how creative the AICPA can get with their simulations. Also, become very familiar with using the authoritative literature. Even for topics I knew forwards and backwards, I would always consult the authoritative literature on sims. If it didn't correct me, it at least affirmed me, and the smallest confidence boost can go a long way in that god awful exam center. Bottom line – use the authoritative literature as much as possible. It's the AICPA's free gift that is seldom opened.

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    Hey @Forthehorns did you get that CPA award for getting a all done with 95 or above??

    "The night is always darkest before the dawn"

    AUD- 76

    BEC- 83

    REG- 81

    FAR - 88

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    I shelled out $$$ for a tutor in order to pass REG on my 5th attempt. I was up against losing BEC credit and was super desperate. Lmk if you want his link. It was hands down worth the price and got me out of the REG rut. I also come from 0 tax background and just could not manage it alone.

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    FAR - 72, 71, 78 (Becker+NINJA)

    REG - 69, 59, 69, 72, 76 (Becker+a private tutor+NINJA+Gleim free trial+seriously anything else I could review)

    AUD - 77 (Becker only)

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