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    Feeling very stressed about my Reg exam experience. Anyone have a similar experience?

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    Yes, I took the exam yesterday and they are testing the definitions we are not supposed to know.

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    Mo Nas

    Same I took the exam yesterday and they tested a lot of those definitions that we didn’t need to know. Hoping those were part of the 12 pre-test questions 🤞🏼

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    My exam is on July, 13 .. what should i focus on?

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    If you've studied hard and you are worried, then you should be fine. However, if you've skipped a section or two because you dreaded studying them then you should be worried.

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    I didn't study Federal Securities. I have an idea about it. I am doing a lot of MCQs now, my score range from 71% to 77% in Gleim.

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    donny b

    i had my REG retake 6/24 and felt the exam was fair but honestly praying to the cpa gods that i passed. i previously scored a 65 in february and was mega stressed at the time so wasn’t expecting a pass. this time around i felt i knew a lot more but i was shocked at how simple my MCQ and sims were, which is throwing me off. my basis questions were simple, no intense calculations. no bankruptcy questions, no AMT or QBI. overall my bus law questions seemed fair too. on the sims i ended up using the auth literature on almost every question as i felt it was super helpful. also had two research questions sims so i know one of them has to be a pretest.

    really hoping this was enough to pass so i can move onto FAR 😩

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