Apparently I over think MCQs….Help!

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    OK I found out I failed BEC this pass score release. I have failed FAR once, REG once, and BEC once. From my observations, most people do well on MCQs and fail because of their Simulations. However, every time I failed I do Weak on MCQs and Strong on Simulations. So the only conclusion I can think of is that I over think MCQs. I mean I will start to answer a question and then think about how the other choices could be right. Does anyone else do this? Thanks.


    Welcome to my personal hell! I have no idea how to get out of it either! Sometimes I feel like I'm defective and should be recalled for warranty work. Maybe we need a support group. I'll start…

    Hi, my name is Kricket and I over think the stupid questions and get them wrong.


    Hey Kricket….

    Hi, my name is jcw1503 and I over think the stupid questions and get them wrong.

    Member #2…


    Over-thinking is a good thing. What you guys should try to do is getting into the habit of RTFQ and developing an expectation of what the answer should be, before you read the answer choices. On many calculation problems, I was able to correctly guess just by knowing what the ball-park answer should be… example, if you know it's net of taxes, times a certain percentage, etc


    Stupid Question-What is RTFQ?


    I assume it is Read The F***king Question.
    I do that too, there are questions purposely targeting that overthinking, which is not practically overthinking, but safe assumption. For instance, a question would ask about prepaid insurance wireoff, and you'd ask yourself “the question doesn't state this is the only insurance policy to adjust, so I would leave it”,
    or they would ask about securities held for sale vs debt instrument adopted as current. You'd think “both are right” and you'd be correct. However, only one exam would be marked right.
    They get me every time and I hate that, I definitely overthink that, and that is why younger people score better than older more experienced guys. Keep an open mind, don't assume anything, respond to what is asked adopting the most straightforward answer.


    You are fortunate that you're strong in SIMs!

    I struggle with overthinking and I realized that 90% of the time, my guy instinct answer is correct and that when I go back and change answers, it screw myself over. Trust your gut instinct; occasionally you'll be wrong but I'll bet most of the time you'll be right. Narrow down answers and then go with your best educated pick.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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