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    I feel like I grasp the content that is in REG (I use Becker), and when I do the MCQ's I do well for the most part and I am up to R4. But some of the SIMs in general but specifically R3 with Property Taxation gave me a whooping. Any advice? Even though they kicked my ass I felt I learned because I read the solution to why I got the question wrong and then took notes on what to do in that scenario, like writing the rules or formula needed to do that specific question. Also, I would guess this is asked a lot, but what topics are the must have downs? Because this forum told me to focus on IT Audit, Coso and Cost Accounting for BEC and I took that advice and went from a 74 to an 85 so I really appreciate anyone who helps!

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    You're doing fine. Key is to be learning from your mistakes and that's what you're doing. Must know topics in my opinion: Know individual tax well, Becker ch 3, Basis (c corp, s corp, partnership, like-kind exchanges), and Business law.

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    @McNuggets thanks Champ! Chapter 3 was the roughest by far so I'll make sure to pay close attention to it. And thanks for the confidence boost and overall support!

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    If you know R3-R5 very well, and are at least comfortable in things like individual taxation, contract law, and R6 you will do fine.

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