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    So planning on studying for REG in March/April. I'll be taking some time off work to really dive into the material and hopefully pass.

    For those who are studying or have taken REG. If you took off 6 weeks and studied full time (8 hours a day of lectures/questions/notes) would you say this is enough time to pass? I'm definitely not good at cramming and honestly I've failed BEC twice and FAR once so I really don't want another repeat of that.


    Wow. For sure, that'd be a lot of studying. Becker advises 120 hours for REG and you're listing 240.
    Personally, I've been studying for Reg full-ish time for 4 weeks, will be taking it Saturday, and feel fully prepped. My “full-ish” time really means ~3 hours of dedicated study per day if I'm honest with myself so it's a bit lower than Becker's advice but I also feel a little nervous.

    My wife did both REG & BEC in the same 4 weeks studying full-time.

    Don't be nervous about having enough time. If you follow the Becker method and actually study that much then I am confident you'll pass. Not so much if you watch TV while you're studying and otherwise goof off.


    I actually took another route–I wanted to give myself unrushed time, and since the pandemic has locked me into the house, I was given that time. I'm setting aside one hour a day to read the UWorld Roger review books, and two hours at night for lectures. There are topics that are more perplexing for me, so I wanted to give myself more time on those.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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