Any single moms out there?

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    No, not trying to pick anyone up haha. I'd like some advice on time management from anyone who is a single mom (or dad of course). So I think what got the best of me during the last few weeks of studying for BEC was the fact that my 6 year old was getting upset/sad that I was usually studying or stressed and not playing with him.

    My parents offered to have him 2 nights a week so I have no distractions but does anyone have any concrete suggestions for timing enough study time to pass without neglecting my kid?

    I realize “it will all be worth it” and “it's a short term situation”, but tell that to a 6 year old mamas boy :-p (and a stressed/guilt-ridden mama).


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    Thanks MCLKT – was it you that posted a response last night about Jeff's response to you? I read it half asleep and I don't think it was a dream, but I don't see it here today. If so, it was really encouraging and nice to know I wasn't the only one who felt that way. I studied last night for 2 hours after my failing grade came back, and have been doing so this morning since 8:30. I hope I can keep up with this motivation. I'm just glad it's summer so my son can play in the backyard and keep himself busier than with just the TV and inside toys.

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    It was me 🙂 you weren't dreaming, lol. I was hoping since you were still online you had read it. But it was awfully personal so I deleted it and posted the blog link instead.

    It's really tough. I finally started taking anyone up on their offers to help out. I even paid a close friend to clean my house for a month. Anything to find more study time.

    Some things I do to make it easier on her…In the final days before an exam when I am down to my final review mostly reading notes and reviewing flashcards, I include her. She quizzes me on the flash cards and really loves it!

    Another thing that has been very helpful for my daughter and me. We plan one fun thing to do on test day. One fun thing to do on score release day. Today we just went to a coffee shop (I really needed caffeine after last night!) and played chess. This way while I'm studying I can remind her of our plans when this is over. And let her know when she lets me study, she is helping me pass.

    And she has started a list of all the fun things she feels like she misses out on while I study or she is off at Grandma's.

    I have promised her we will do them all when this is over. So far the list includes simple things like, ride bikes together, have a slumber party, go to the movies, have a picnic, play games, and also go to the local amusement park.

    Finally, I make sure to include her in all the celebrating. The passing score today was not “I passed!” it was “We passed”!!! And we do our version of a touchdown dance together and just celebrate. Then I remind her again how I couldn't do this without her helping me so much.

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    Very heart warming to include your daughter. And congrat on a passing score.

    I'm not a single mom, but I know what it means to do all you can to provide hope for your family.

    I now have three children in college and one in high school and I am doing my very best to be that strong example of not giving up no matter what it is. All of my children have been very supportive on my CPA journey as well as pursuing my master's of accountancy. My point to them is that their education is important not a fad. To reap the rewards they must not ever give up. As I study night after night, I remind myself…they are watching.

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    I'm not a single mom but my hubby has been working out of town a lot like he's been home 1 weekend in the last month. It is tough and I totally have respect for single parents. My kids are 5 and 1. The 5 year old I've been letting him have friends over in the evenings after work. They play in the backyard and I'm free to entertain the little one. I try to get my studying done when they are asleep or while I'm at work. This weekend my sister in law has the 5 year old for a sleep over so I'm really trying to take advantage.

    I've been thinking I need a cleaning lady! Maybe a mothers helper… I just bought extra laundry baskets so that I can put the kids clothes in them if I don't have time to fold and put away. I'm going to check out that blog!

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    “They are watching”. You speak the truth!

    I remember when I came up short, having to explain to my daughter the importance of sticking with it. Finishing what you start. And don't give up, give more. Our children are learning a lot of valuable life lessons as they watch.

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    @MCLKT i just saw your AUD score and it's amazing. can you give me some tips as i failed this time with a 63. i used BECKER only this time. plz help

    {Edited by MCLKT: I don't want to steal the thread from oilgaslb, but here is a post I wrote on how I finally made the jump and started passing}

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    You ladies (and gentlemen!) are a big source of motivation for me and my studying. When I think balancing a full-time job with studying is tough, I just remember how those of you with little kiddies running around make it work 🙂

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    I know this is bad parenting but i let my 4 yr old watch tv while i'm studying because it keeps her occupied and out of my hair. I have also signed her up for so when i study she “studies” too since i have a laptop and a computer. I also take advantage of friends and family by creating a schedule for her and then telling her she's going out without me and make it seem like she's going to have fun. Also sometimes i just give in and let her lay in my lap while i do MCQs or lectures. It is definitely HARD to get everything done but my place always looks a mess now since I've been studying. Also take advantage of the ELL plan, i can't do early but i study for an hour everyday on my lunch break and wake up early on the weekends to get in a good hour or so.

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    I've heard of ABCmouse. How much does it cost and is it worth it? I'm worried its more for preschool and won't be challenging enough to keep my son from getting bored but if its geared toward all grades I may try it as an alternative to the TV watching all the time.

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    Mel, that is not bad parenting! It's temporary, maybe if it was your permanent babysitting plan, it'd be bad. But just the fact that you know it isn't what you prefer shows you are a good parent 🙂

    Let's see… ways to entertain the little one. We swing by the library once or twice a month and get books and movies.

    I have a desktop set up for my daughter too. We have IE, Firefox, and Chrome on it. Each with a different homepage. PBS Kids, NICKJr, and Starfall. (She is 6, and doesn't go to Starfall that much anymore). She will play games, on PBS kids for hours! And I don't have to help at all really.

    In my office she has a little plush chair and a bookshelf. And the rule is she can come in the office while I'm studying anytime, but she has to sit quietly and read, lol. It works for us!

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    We go to the library once a week and he gets about 20+ books. Luckily I have a bookworm that thinks 1 bedtime story instead of 2 is the worst punishment and can't go from the car to a restaurant without a book glued to his face haha. Maybe it's time to buy him longer series (thinking Harry potter?) since he goes through 2-4 magic tree house books per day.

    Anyone's other than Harry potter that anyone knows of that are appropriate for a 6 year old?


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    Since most accounting positions require long hours outside the hours most daycares are open, how have single parents coped? Especially interested in hearing from those who are trying get to meet experience requirement for licensure.

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    This isn't at all what I thought it would be based on the thread title.
    Assumed it would be @SkyNet for sure.

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    This whole thing about parents becoming teachers is a joke. My wife (lawyer) and I both work full time. We have zero training on how to teach and the kids have zero interest in learning from us. They need their teachers. I fully expect the choice for them to repeat grades and if that choice isn't given, we'll be changing schools. I can't even imagine how a single parent is dealing.

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