I’m Grateful to be in the Accounting profession

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    As the the title says.

    It was a long journey of ups and downs since being laid of in 2008 from my part time AP job which was one year after graduation.

    Since then it was a turbulent time, being out of work for nearly 2 year, and working in retail for another 4.

    But I persisted, I got my Enrolled Agent's license working in retail. And after getting let go from my retail job be I was basically fed up with it, I spent almost 2 years studying full time to pass the CPA exams.

    But even after passing, it was tough to land a job without experience until one day someone gave me a chance from my network that I have built up over the years and attending networking events.

    Things were looking up. That opportunity on lasted 2 months but it was an experience I will never forget and it set me up for other opportunities. For the next 3 years, I was able to land better roles and opportunities including better pay. It finally led me to where I am now, which is a place I truly love working for even though we are working remotely.

    As I read about people who have lost jobs, being furloughed, or currently unemployed, I feel grateful for being in the Accounting profession, members of A71, and my network, because of the opportunities are still available and the experience and skills you gain sets you for future growth and opportunities.

    And I hope all those currently in the profession feels the same way😃.

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    I am also grateful to be in the Accounting profession. so many industries have been hit really hard with the pandemic and the economic disadvantages. My small business has suffered greatly because of all that is going on but it has not deterred me from becoming a CPA. I think the CPA is the key to my FUTURE business/employment success. The options are many more than the limitation to bookkeeping and taxes. I'm really praying that this thing will be over soon and we (citizens) can find a sense of normalcy. I only wish I had gotten this done when I was much younger. Now is better than never. Back to studying far.

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    I am a happy and proud CPA who studied hard and overcame ageism to get where I am today: DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY THAT THE LONGEST TAX SEASON EVER IS FINALLY OVER! I just got a raise and a bonus from one of the nicest bosses I have ever had and I am off for a long weekend.

    Congrats Skynet! You have given me many laughs over the years.

    To you and @Tncincy, I will do whatever I can to help you both get licensed.

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