MCAT Test Takers get COVID! I am in Panic Mode!

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    CPA is a WIP

    Hello all,

    Hope each one of you are staying healthy and safe! I was surfing the web after work, and I came across an article stating “MCAT test takers contract COVID-19 at testing center”. The MCAT is an 8 hour entrance exam for US Medical Schools. Lo and behold, these aspiring medical students, indeed contracted the virus at the Promectric testing center. That said, I sure as heck would NOT feel safe at any Prometric site! It is a shame that I am not sure if or when I will ever begin to study. Late December 2019, I decided that 2020, was going to be the year I finally passed this exam. I had a new plan of attack, my motivation was high, and purchased the FAR review course. I was ready to go and crush it! However, I would hate, hate, and loath myself if I were to proceed with this goal and contract this disease at Prometric, and bring it home. Where immune compromised people live. This sucks! Should I feel guilty for putting a pause on this endeavor? I do not care is states reopen, I flat out do not feel safe risking my health, especially after reading the above article. Kindly google it and see for yourself. I felt bad for those MCAT test takers. And us CPA candidates. Please opine on this matter! Thank you!


    “Mitchell added, “We have no confirmed cases of transmission at an MCAT test center…”

    The first thing that stuck out to me was covid 2-7 days after the exam. Symptoms take 14 days according to my accountant brain's understanding of covid.

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    Not exactly Jeff. Symptoms can show up within 2-7 days after exposure. The virus can stay in your system for at least 14 days. If you're a “long-hauler,” it can be even longer. I had Covid in February and it took me two weeks to get through the symptoms and it was awful. I didn't feel like myself for months afterwards. I hope I never get it again.

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    I have been on this journey off and on for over 10 years. I think it's about time that I wrap this up.


    From reading the article it seems they didn’t contract the virus at Prometric. Prometric usually offers MCATS only exams on the given day. Keep in mind that Prometric has sanitation measures in place, plus test takers have to wear masks and remain distanced. I understand your concerns and these are the reason state boards have extended credits and NTS’ to the end of the year. If you have no exam credits at risk yet, now may be the best time to delay. You have to do what you think is best for you but by the time this mess is over you could be finished.

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    I'm with @fsugirl2005 on this one. From everything I have read and heard, it could take 2 – 14 days to show symptoms but on average you show symptoms in 5 days and can be contagious before that.

    @fsugirl sorry you went through that and hope you continue to feel better.


    Thank you for the explanation, FSUgirl. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I know people that had a mostly mild experience, and others who say it's awful.

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    Well relax, I think the pro-metric centers are following the appropriate protocols to help us remain safe while taking the exam. Not a reason to put off studying to get this thing done though. We all are worried about where this Covid is going to take our nation, but until there is a REAL answer of progress, I would study and get it done. Continue to work on your immune system, follow the same mask wearing, hand washing instruction, get some encouraging positive self talk or support and tackle it. With all that, at the end of the day, you won't be able to do what you're not comfortable with. Be ready when you're ready. Good luck to you and keep those fingers crossed for the rest of us.

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    I am sure everyone is in panic mood, but I think people should get clear that COVID is a lung virus and how it is transmitted. First of all, the virus only lives in lungs, it does not live in your bloodstream, your brain or anything else. That being said, if you protect your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose (all pathways to the lung), the chances of getting it is very low.

    Most people get COVID by being in direct contact of another person with COIVD, and got their lung or mouth fluid. The chances of getting COVID by touching stuff that contain the virus is very low. That being said, if you wear a mask and DON'T TOUCH YOUR EYES & EARS, the chances of getting it is very low. In addition, COVID virus die on “non-human surface” after 4 hours or so.

    There's a third way of how virus is being transmitted by air, that is, from the air-conditioning pipes and other waterways. The heat in the AC pipe vaporized “COVID saliva and mucus”, causing it to exist in air in gas format. However, if you wear a mask, the chance of getting it again, is very low.

    I highly recommend taking the test with a 8 AM or 7 AM slot. You will be the first group of people to use the sanitized room. In addition, since no one have been in the room overnight, any remaining virus are likely dead in the 4 hours window. The restroom will also be CLEAN with no leftover tissues or waste in the trash bin. If you arrived to the test center early, they will allow you to take the test early if there is an open computer available.

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