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    Hi, any insights is highly appreciated, here is my situation : i scheduled bec and aud on the 5th of December, two sections same day, because i am an international and wanted to save on the tickets, seemed a good idea back then, however after seeing that many struggle with bec i stared to doubt that my idea was good 🙁 Currently i am on A2 (i do it backwards i started with A6), so I would have 20 days for BEC at a minimum, full time, is it doable?

    P. S. I passed aud previously (expired) and took 71 on BEC without studying really never done a single mcq (i dont know why i did that but i did a lot of sutpid stuff in my life so it's OK 🙂

    So because of that i am little biased in regard of these two, but I don't want that bec is easy attitude to destroy me at the end!

    So should i just keep things as is or reschedule bec for January? So doing them one at a time

    Thanks in advance guys

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    It's definitely possible studying full time, I studied and reviewed Audit in 15 days and passed with an 83, I am currently studying for BEC while working full time and will be completely done in a total of 20 days for both studying and review, seems like you have plenty of time to go especially with using weekends. IF you keep pushing you will be fine! Stay focused!


    Yes, it's definitely possible, especially if you've taken them before and know what to expect.

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    BEC - 88
    FAR - 89
    REG - 80
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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