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    Anyone have one? Thoughts on the certification? How was the exam process? Tough to study for? Is it useful in private industry?

    Someone told me recently that it's a good credential to have for accountants and that it's becoming popular.


    I am a Green Belt in Songham Taekwondo 😀

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    I looked into taking the class but you should know that while the certification is very useful, your company or a company you plan on going to should have adopted the methodologies as a part of their cost savings for it to be the most beneficial. Second, from my understanding there is no test but a six sigma project that must be completed and sponsored by your company. If you happen to be unemployed or your current company won't sponsor the project, you have to go out and ask non-profits or other agency types if you can do a project on their processes for free. So basically you have to do it on your own time over several months just to get to submit the project and gain the certification.

    While it is always a good certification to have, only do it if your company will pay for it (class costs $1000+) and they are willing to sponsor you. Just my .02 though


    Hey wldcatnc…I think you're referring to the Black Belt certification. The Green Belt certification doesn't require a project and is a 100 MC exam. I figured the Black Belt would be good, but that's why I was wondering about the Green Belt. If I'm in private, does a Green Belt really matter or even help?


    If it isn't one of your companies “strategic initiatives” (yea, horrible corporate buzzword) or they haven't adopted the program then no, it doesn't matter. If you plan to jump ship one day into the manufacturing industry or banking, Six Sigma is huge and can give you a leg up in the interview process. Otherwise I would say don't waste the money.

    I was in an operations role in one of the big banks prior to the financial crisis and would say that six sigma training would have definitely helped my career.



    Did anyone else attempt this recently? I briefly reviewed the requirements on the ASQ website. It seems like the requirements vary depending on which color belt you get.

    After I finish with the CMA I need something else to keep me occupied so this could be it. I was previously in manufacturing many years ago so I am pretty familiar with Lean and Six Sigma.

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