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    Is it possible for a month with fewer business days to have a higher payroll cost (after accruals) for salaried individuals? The month in-question has fewer business days, but more total days. I'm thinking i messed something up at some point, but I can't figure it out. The numbers are relatively close to the other months as they should be. I'm wondering if having the extra few days can cause amounts to be accrued to that month, so that it has a higher total cost because certain days getting pushed to that month. This is driving me nuts.



    Only if someone got a raise or there are more employees.

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    I figured it out on excel, it looks like it's very possible ironically. Assuming payroll on the following dates (May 8th) for the prior two week (two weeks in arrears before the week of the 8th. May 8th's payroll is 90% accrued back, 10% to May. June 5ths and July 3rds payrolls are 100% applied to the prior months. I guess i was right.

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