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    Since we accountants make sooo much money and the CPA exam process is sooo inexpensive, I wanted to find out what the best tablet is for studying/business related purposes. For those of you not up to speed, that was a joke. lol

    I have read online but would like to hear from ya'll…What have you heard through the grapevine? For those of you who have tablets, what are the pros & cons of your model? There are so many to choose from that I do not know which one is best.

    Specs I am looking for:

    – Price range : $300 – $500

    – Optional Keyboard Attachable (Library use)

    – 10 inch screen

    Uses :

    – Best for studying

    – Library

    – Surf on the couch

    – Microsoft Office compatible

    Thanks everyone in advance.

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    Also wanted to add – No need for Data Pkg. Just regular internet connection is sufficient. But what are the best for both?

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    i use a lenovo while at home and regular samsung tablet while at work to study during lunch. anyone use anything else special?

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    Any Samsung Galaxy Tablet will do just fine.

    A tablet will do just fine for the Test Bank and mcq's.

    However for some review courses, the DRS and SIMs might require Java, which you will be a computer for.

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    It has been awhile but I did all of my studying on kindles with NINJA. I did do my ninja practice exams on my laptop. I now use an iPad for cpe and some emails job apps but not for tax work. All are WiFi only models. I prefer the iPad but at the time the kindles were great and cheap. I bought my iPad cheaper than retail prices through a deal with my cable/internet provider xfinity.

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    has anyone used a big phone like a samsung note to study?

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    Test. Please ignore me.

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