Where did everyone go?

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    Forum got pretty quiet lately.
    Everyone off for summer break?

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    It’s annoying to see people complain about late scores when the nation is literally in shambles. So yeah guess people are just a bit occupied bud

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    Our nation has endured worse and it'll survive. It was pretty quiet before the riots started and seems to be more linked with COVID-19.

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    I think it's that and people aren't crazy about the new website format…why fix what's not broken!

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    I used to come alot. But I don't like the new look. There is no contrast on colors. So I stopped coming

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    Jeff got rid of the “HiYas” !!!☹️

    Plus chasing Megan Fox is keeping me too busy!

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    I'm glad he put the log-in in visible sight. I wanted to participate, but couldn't log in. :-/
    It's a lot going on with the covid-19. I have not had any incentive to study. I'm on news over flow so I'm back to studying. Far won't go away until I pass.

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    Hi I've been forcing myself to study for FAR as much as I could. Something is better than nothing. I'm in LA so things are a bit in our face a bit more than other areas of the U.S. I feel. Hope all are doing good and staying positive. I'm still here just don't come on as much.


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    the new design isn't easy on the eyes, there needs to be a dark mode.

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    space mountain, might be top 3 best avatar on here

    i have not been on as much due to the new format and i have been studying like crazy. although i have studied like crazy in the past and failed terribly so why bother right

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    @thunderlips – Keep studying like crazy! I studied my butt off for multiple attempts before finally getting a pass. You'll get there!

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    Hello All,

    I have been quiet since I passed my last CPA exam. Student loans and working have been my focus and we are dealing with a deadly virus and protests.

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    It took almost two years, but I am now finished with my CPA exams.

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    We're making changes to the forum…had to update the site for a variety of reasons.

    Dark mode is in the works – any other recommendations are welcome. Unless it's from Skynet.

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