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    I am graduating with my bachelor's in Spring 2021 and will have my 36 Accounting units and 36 Business units to sit for the exam by the end of Winter 2021 with classes from Community College + University. I contacted my university and they said I can submit an Undergraduate Completion of Degree Requirements Form since my degree won't be posted to my academic record until August 2021. However, this form will take 3 weeks to send + 6-8 weeks for the board to clear my transcripts.

    I wanted to take my first exam ASAP after graduation so is there a way I can submit my application + official transcripts from Community College + University at the end of Winter 2021 and then send my Degree Form at the end of Spring 2021 with a different application? This way they would be able to certify all my courses, but see that I don't have a bachelor's yet. I feel like this would be the quickest way to get me cleared. I wouldn't mind the fees, I just want to get the process done as quickly as possible.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or was in a similar situation? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    TLDR: Graduating Bachelor's in Spring. Finished with CPA sitting requirements in Winter. Could I send transcripts at the end of Winter and get classes cleared then send the Degree completion form in Spring?


    It doesn't look like CA will allow you to sit on the exam before you can proof that you graduated. Considering taking your exam in a different state and transfer over at a later time, some states like NY don't require you to have degree before sitting for the exam

    NY - License Approved December 2020.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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