Credit expires after six (6) consecutive examination

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    Hi guys,

    I received the message below from state board. I'm confused about the “6 consecutive examination” statement. My understanding was that yo have 18 months after you passed a section for that section to expire.

    Can you please help me understand what this means. Thanks

    “The Public Accountancy Act provides that candidates must pass all sections of the Uniform CPA examination within the six (6) consecutive examinations following the examination in which credit was received. The Board's records reflect that you received credit which will be lost on the expiration dates listed below unless you successfully complete all remaining sections of the Uniform CPA Examination.

    You are being given notification that the following credits will expire on the dates shown below.”

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    It refers to the 18 months to pass starting from your first pass. I'm guessing the 6 consecutive refers to the 6 testing windows * 3-months each.

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    Ok, that makes sense… I was here panicking because I've had to do retakes before passing and was now wondering if I'm now being penalized for struggling.

    Thanks for clearing that up… They could have simply said 18 months.

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    Courtney Baker

    I just got this same message and I'm freaking out because I need two more credits but my next test will be #6 so it seems like I'm going to lose the credit no matter what. I really hope your explanation still applies now that continuous testing is a thing.

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    Courtney, you have 18 months from the date you tested and passed your first exam to pass the remaining 3 exams. If you are that 18 month mark the first exam you passed will expire and you will now start the 18 month clock from the date you tested and passed your second exam. If you need to confirm dates contact your state board or NASBA and make sure you understand how it applies to you.

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    Green Arrow

    I wonder if this has something to do with continuous testing, normally it would be 18 months which would basically allow you to take the test 6 times, but with continuous testing you can take it more than 6 times in under 18 months. This would be an interesting change, might have to confirm this

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