did another71 format change for everyone?

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    i liked the old format where i could go to the forum and see all posts. seems now its broken down into categories and i need to click around into each section

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    Yes. I prefer the old format as well. The new blue color makes me eyes tired =.=!

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    Yes – we re-did the site, and the forum freaked out. Am in the process of fixing. Thank you for your patience.

    DOJO Study groups work fine 🙂

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    Any chance of adding a dark mode to all these changes?

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    I definitely miss the old format…..

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    There is always a shock to the system when the format changes.
    Hopefully the kinks get worked out soon.
    It's different, that's for sure.
    Was easier to scan all the new topics when they were just in one main area.
    So it goes.

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    Yeah, it's hard to find the new stuff. I'm sure when the bugs are worked out, it'll look great.

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