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    Hi all! I just started studying for AUD this week using solely NINJA products. A couple questions:

    1) Can I set it for ONLY questions that I haven't seen be part of my study session? I've done 100 questions already for “Engagement Acceptance” section, and although there are only 117 questions in this area, I still have over 40 that I haven't seen. So, I'm a little confused on the best method for studying and making sure I see ALL questions.

    2) When studying, is it best that I study by section or do an “at random” for all my MCQs? Will doing either impact the adaptive learning function? When will adaptive learning kick in?

    Thats all for now. 🙂

    AUD: 77  (Jan 2016)
    BEC: 80  (May 2016)
    REG: (rematch May 2017)
    FAR: (rematch Apr 2017)
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