REG MCQ: Am I at a good pace?

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    Hello everyone,

    My exam is on the 30th and so far I have attempted 2,654 questions. My average score is a 70% and my average trending score is a 73%. I'm 52% through the adaptive learning phase.

    I'm going to keep hammering questions like crazy but do you think I'm at a good spot for being 3 weeks away from the exam?

    I purchased the full 10 Point Combo and read and took notes from the book, read and took notes from the Ninja Notes, listen to the audio occasionally, and also look at the flashcards from time to time.

    This is my last exam so I'm going all out on this one!!

    P.S. The last two times I took REG, I used Becker. I thought Becker did a really poor job explaining some things but am having a lot better of a time understanding some key points (with Ninja) that I missed with Becker.

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