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    Hello everyone!!! Could you please recommend CPA studying course, I am currently leaning towards Surgent CPA but thinking about Becker . Please advise which one was better for you! I did try to take an exam before and was off by 1/2 points at that time I used Becker + Ninja, I was not very happy about Becker, but now I have read that they made some changes. I am paying for the materials myself therefore really wanted to get good preparation course). Thank you in advance!

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    Here is my .02 cents. I don’t know a single person who uses Surgent, and many, many, MANY people who use Becker. They are considered an industry leader.

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    I think you should do a free trial of each review course to see which one works best with your learning style. My biggest regret was getting Becker just because everyone else was using it/it was the recommended review course from my old firm & university. I switched to Roger and found his teaching style was perfect for me.

    I also bought the Wiley test bank for extra practice questions.

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    I started out with Gleim for FAR and found the questions too challenging. So, I went with Roger, Yaeger and Wiley CPA. But now I am back with Gleim. I am using Gleim for all 4 of my sections. I was able to pass BEC, AUD and REG using Gleim. In my experience, no course is as organized as Gleim. However, Gleim is more for people who like to self study. If you like lectures, Mr. Rogers might be the right choice for u. But, I have read reviews on this forum that people have had to incorporate the NINJA test bank as Mr Rogers questions are too easy. I like the CPA Excel lectures compared to Mr. Rogers. If I had to name a course other than Gleim, I would recommend CPA Excel. I did not like Yaegar at all – too old school for my taste. I would suggest doing a trial on each of the leading courses and reading reviews on google. I did the trial for Becker and was not too impressed. I hope this helps.

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    Thank you all, Becker has pushed the sales because they probably have some agreement with Big 4s, in my opinion. But what I really liked about Surgent that by AICPA it is on the second place of recommended courses and Surgent has unlimited subscription and Adaptive Learning Technology.

    @Akashi as I am reading right now Gleim also has adaptive learning, how do you like it?

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    Gleim may be too detailed at times but it is priced well and never was surprised during the exams. I feel people only use Becker when they are able to get it for free or discounted through work, college etc.

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    Do you still have access to the Becker material after paying for them? Or will you have to pay again? If it didn't work for you before just because they “tweaked” something doesn't mean it's better.

    I personally used Roger CPA Review back in 2018-2019 and the review course was exactly what I needed to get through the exams on the first try.

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    I would try the trial version of each of the review courses, as mentioned earlier. I tried them all and chose Wiley because of their bite-sized lessons work best for style of studying. Surgent was actually my second choice, and Roger was my third.

    Had I just gone with Becker like most people suggested, I'd would have drastically struggled. Becker's review course just didn't work for me. On the other hand, it's worked best for some… especially those who don't prefer the smaller lessons that Wiley offers.

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    Thank you! No I don't have Becker access anymore. Do you guys think Ninja materials be enough to pass the exam? And to be honest, yes I started trying different courses just in case to see what works for me best,but Gleim test bank wins over all the other courses and detailed information is better then lack of one…

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    Ninja was all I needed to pass all 4 first try.

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