Should I retake AUD or study BEC?

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    I took AUD on October 30 and started studying for BEC while waiting for the results of AUD. I got my results on Wednesday and found out I got a 61 on AUD. I am already 35-40% done with studying for BEC. Should I schedule BEC or should I go back and attempt to pass AUD again?

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    You should finish BEC, take it early Q1 and sneak AUD retake in late Q1 as well.

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    AUD - 81 (11/23/2019)

    REG - 94 (3/9/2020)

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    For AUD retake i went through all the MCQs and typed notes and did some simulations and typed notes. First time around I couldn't finish through the MCQ and didn't look at a single sim. I was weaker on the SIMs which makes sense. Definitely helped me the second time around. I took a 8 month break before going back to AUD (started studying for REG during that period and it was BRUTAL – ended up failing both times I took it). I was surprised by how much i retained. For me anyway, coming back to it later was better. AUD was a big mess in my head and I couldn't mentally organize it. When I came back I realized I retained a lot but was able to refresh and try to understand it without all the mix up that was there before. I studied for 5-6 weeks for the retake and just hammered MCQ and SIMS. I did them in order so I could map it out and fully understand each concept before I moved on. Either or is fine really.

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    FAR: 19,57, 1/27/20

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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