Test Candidate in One State, Apply for Licensure in the Other

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    I am looking for some guidance on who to contact and how to go about applying for licensure when the time comes. I currently live and am taking the test as a resident of Ohio. I have passed two tests and hope to pass the next two by the end of July. I have obviously met the requirements to test in Ohio but have accepted a job in Arizona starting in October.

    What is the best route for me to apply for licensure or who should I contact with this question. I contacted the Ohio board before I began this process and they did not give me a clear answer with how to proceed (it seemed like they were very biased towards me taking the test and being licensed as an Ohio resident).

    Any help or direction would be awesome.

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    Well, you have two options:

    (1) Complete the requirements to become licensed in OH, then transfer your license to AZ.
    (2) Apply to sit for the exam in AZ and become licensed in AZ after meeting its requirements.

    The following webpage provides a comprehensive overview:

    In order to transfer an OH license, you must meet AZ's educational requirements (including the state society's Ethics test) and have 2,000+ hours experience that a CPA can sign off on (OH experience qualifies). To straight-up transfer an OH license, you must have been an active CPA either the last three years OR five of the past ten years, be current on your CPE, and meet more lenient education requirements.

    This should be a really easy decision on your part — AZ charges $100 application fee to sit for the exam, and NASBA charges $25 to transfer your scores. I didn't dig into the topic, but I wouldn't be surprised if AZ charged the $100 to review your education background (in addition to the license fee) when you apply to transfer your OH license.

    You should either complete the exam as an OH candidate, then apply for AZ/transfer scores to AZ (if AZ doesn't work out, this would be the easiest way to apply for licensure in OH)… or just apply for AZ now (and pay the $25 to transfer your last two exams to OH). Remember, there will be a lag between the time you apply to sit in AZ and the time they approve you…

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