The easy way to pass FAR on 2020

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    If you study with MCQ and SIMS from Wiley you can pass FAR on 2020 ?

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    Honestly, I don’t think there is an easy way to pass FAR. If you go straight into MCQ and SIMS, I think you will struggle…unless you already know all the FAR topics like the back of your hand! I would strongly recommend at least reading through your book so you understand the concepts and you can apply what you learn to the questions!

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    No lazy routes. Get through the book/lectures, take notes to have a good foundation and learn from the MCQs and sims.

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    The only easy way to pass FAR is if you find a Genie and he grants you 3 wishes.

    But since you only get 3 wishes, you still have to pass the last exam on your own. And if you don't pass, you start losing credit.

    So basically there's no easy way to really pass FAR or the exams.

    The other easy way involves kidnapping Kevin Bacon, infiltrating the CPA board, and a Batman Suit, but that is for another time.😀

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    Phase V : TBD

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    The easy route is why I am still at this. I have found out too many failures that there is NO easy way to pass nor study. You just have to plan and do it. I really don't want to read the book, I've tried lectures only, I've mcq's only, with NO passing success. So the answer is so what you have to do to pass. Read, listen, write, thousands of mcq's, flash cards, tutor and then do it again. Do what ever it takes to pass. Good luck, keep those fingers crossed for the rest of us.

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