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    @pkd I sent my original email on the 4th and got a response on the 8th. But I have yet to receive the updates. I’m just continuing to to use my 2012 until they come. Test is on Tues. so I will probably not be able to go through the 2013 before test day.


    I just sent it…Sorry..I assumed it had been sent already. I hired someone send out the updates and the 4th was a Friday and they must not have gotten to yours over the weekend. The list was long 🙂


    Free NINJA Notes. HIYA!




    MCLKT, good luck on Tuesday! And Jeff, thanks, I got the updated notes this evening. You guys respond fast and it’s greatly appreciated.


    Complete 2013 NINJA Audio now available


    Free NINJA Notes. HIYA!




    I’m just curious were there a lot of updates going into 2013? With regard to notes/audio?


    There were some content-wise. There weren’t a lot of changes…minor tweaks.

    The AUD changes will be coming.

    Free NINJA Notes. HIYA!


Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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