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    So I'm one lecture in to my FAR re-study and bored out of my mind.

    Just curious about the whole “conservative” image accountants seem to have. When I had a mid-life crisis and changed my career to accounting, I also got a tattoo. My tramp stamp is a shamrock on my shoulder. Maybe I should have gotten a dollar sign or a T-account.

    Do you have a tattoo? What? Where?

    (Jeff may delete this. It is not CPA related. Like I said, I am bored.)


    NY GT girl

    I don't think they are a big deal as long as they aren't offensive incredibly or apparent. I have 6, so I don't have a problem with them (clearly). Mine are in discrete locations, however. Just my two cents…



    I don't have any but I don't think they're considered a tramp stamp unless they are on the middle of the lower back.



    I have tons…mine are hidden but they are large…I got them in places i knew would be covered up in the workplace….so my upper back and upper arm a lot of my lower leg is covered…..even tho i dont think it matters if they are not offensive i would not want to put myself in a situation where someone was judging me for a job and all they saw were my tats..



    nah…I only delete posts that could get me contacted by lawyers, the AICPA, are spam, or could stir up a fight.

    I have a frat tat on my ankle. DON'T JUDGE ME. 🙂



    I have a tattoo of Nicholas Cage on the inside of my right thigh, how could I judge a frat-tat?

    Just kidding, about the Cage tattoo.



    I thought about getting a tattoo of a pair of lips or a target on my ass with “HEY NASBA” over it but my wife objected.



    I have 2, but they are concealed for the most part. I have one on my lower leg just above my ankle, so I do not wear skirts or dresses. I occasionally wear capri pants, but not too often as I don't want it visible. The other is on my upper thigh. I'm getting my 3rd when I pass the 4th part. Now what to get? I like brla's concept 😉



    I dont think youd have a problem unless its visible when you are in work clothes. That being said, I have no tatoos but have 3 piercings. Only one is visible and thats my tongue ring. I wonder if I would need to wear a spacer or clear jewelry….



    LOL – What if someone really did have a T-account? Anyone out there have an accounting-related tattoo? I am waiting until I pass to get mine… kidding.



    If your co-workers cant see them, they will never know….they have become more common these days, so even if a boss or co-worker saw that you had one I dont think they would think twice about it. I have a cross on my right upper arm, and a Japanese style dragon half sleeve (a guess a little less than 1/2) on my left. I work at a shirt and tie firm so, it hasnt been an issue for me. Tattoo's are awesome, dont be ashamed!



    I really want a nose ring and I actually don't think it would prevent me from *getting* a job…but I don't think it would fly to stroll into work one day with I haven't done it. Maybe one day.



    Came across this post. VERY INTERESTING to read these 2 days before my test.

    I have a butterfly on my back behind my right shoulder. I want an “ohm” on my hand between my thumb and fore finger but I doubt I'll ever get it……unless I tell myself I can get after I pass all 4 parts. I also have a nose ring 🙂


    I'm getting SMH across my shoulders this week in honor of this testing cycle.



    I have 3 tattoos. My most recent (and probably most visible) is on the top of my foot. Thankfully it's still easy enough to hide. I do have plans for a 4th, though that one will be easy to hide as well. I also have my tragus pierced, though that seems to be more common, but also harder to hide.



    I also have my tragus pierced, but at least it's easy to take out (if attempting to hide)

    I'm thinking since I've already passed BEC and AUD – I can get a C

    then after REG – I can get a P

    Which means…. I would HAVE to get myself to pass FAR to get the ‘A' otherwise I'd look like an idiot – not that the world wouldn't see me as one after that anyway

    “Hey, why does that girl have C.P.A across her arm?”

    “Those must be her initials”



    @Snick, I have my tragus pierced but have never taken it out! That piercing hurt.. Had my noise pierced for years but took it out once I started to work in accounting. No tattoos.. yet



    I have none, but I promised myself to get one right after I pass all section

    a way to remind myself the tough journey i have been going through

    target: inner forearm


    I have a tattoo of an ass on my butt



    WOW this woke me up quick, I read that Allyson is one week into her FAR restudy and thought whoa! what happened? I thought you were done?

    Then I realized it was a year old……..



    I have a chamelon on my right shoulder to remind me to always be adaptable. My boss has a tribal tat on his wrist so I figured I'd be okay if I ever wore tank style tops.



    I've got two tattoos and both are easily concealed. A dragon on my hip and a bear on my lower back. Once I pass the CPA, I'm getting a sparrow on my rib cage with “Give anything, but I won't give up” written around it. I am a big fan of tattoos and they're definitely not as taboo as before.



    I had to Google “tragus” and then I got a YouTube video of someone getting it done. EEK! I don't like blood.

    Did it make a crunching sound?



    Yes. I definitely heard the crunch 🙂



    I heard a bit of a pop when they did the piercing, but the guy was doing an awesome job talking to me to keep me distracted. Mine didn't really bleed.



    i have a tragus piercing too! and a small star on my inner wrist. the star represents my 4 years in college.



    I had my belly pierced on a trip to NYC. Then I got pregnant and took it out. I never put it back in because it is the LAST place on my body I want to draw attention to now – especially after the CPA studying weight gain.



    I have my tragus and my rook pierced… neither are noticable when my hair is down, and I havent had any problems at work. I didn't have any crunching with my tragus… but the girl messed up when she did my rook- OUCH! I'll never take it out after what I went through to get it!



    I have one on my upper left arm.



    My tongue was pierced when I was in college. I took the ring out as soon as I started looking for a job in accounting. It just didn't seem worth risking my career for.

    As for tattoos, I think that the industry you work in can make a big difference. For example, I work at a bank and we are not allowed to have any visable tattoos. Period.

    That being said, I do think that I want to get one eventually (in a discreet location, maybe mid-back/booty/thigh), but I've promised myself that I won't get one until I can make my mind up and stick to it for at least two years. If I still like my tattoo idea at the end of two years, I'll allow myself to get one.

    My advice… keep the tattoo covered up around co-workers. Otherwise flaunt your stuff. 🙂

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