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    @brickell cpa is this the same firm that one of the partners walked in with a black eye and was promoting cash deals and under the table payments that you posted about previously?

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    AUD - 84
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    FAR - 70,81
    REG - 81 (expired),78



    Guys and girls, I think we've fed this troll long enough. He has already changed his position 5 times, just to find a way to be outright offensive to people who took the time to respond.

    I refuse to believe in another, fairly sad alternative, that the person hiding behind brickell's username actually stands behind his statements.



    Most employers tend to keep reviews middle of the road for two reasons:

    1. Not everyone can be a top performer. think of it as a curve. Lets say 10% of people are top performers and 10% of people are poor performers. That leaves 80% of people in the acceptable range. That's generally how it works. So if you have a competitive environment with a ton of smart people, you still might be a lower performer than you think you are…

    2. If you were ever fired (for the hell of it or whatever the reason) its a lot easier to cover their ass if it ends up in court or workers comp, etc. Giving people glowing reviews and then telling a court or the state a month later they are a shitty employee doesn't tend to end well for employers.

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    Honestly surprised @Drama_Ninja has allowed this thread to go on for 4 pages.. Not adding value to the overall community. If you guys want to flame post do it over on Going Concern, there's plenty of room for trolls there.


    I agree what's with the flaming? There is a lot of good information and feedback in this thread but it got lost between the people who became offended and derail the thread.

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Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)

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