Accounting turns out to be really boring. Tips to make my job enjoyable?

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    Ive been in the corporate accounting sector for almost a year now and I have to say, I do not enjoy it. Accounting is so boring and I am not sure how I ever thought this was a good career choice for me. I get no enjoyment out of it and I just cant wait for the day to end.

    Worst of all, ive just received my CPA and completely regret wasting all that time studying for it.

    Any tips on how to find more enjoyment from my job? I've thought about quitting and may have to within the year if things dont get better.



    find a hot guy/girl and take him/her out to lunch… 🙂

    At the moment I have to agree and say that accounting sucks, but I know it has to do with the place I work at. Better times will come….




    That's really unfortunate. Pick up the book “48 days to the work you love” (by Dan Miller) at the library to help you figure out your next move.

    I'm not sure I would give up my CPA license, but I would think you could combine it with a real passion and have a fantastic career.



    I also read this article today and found it quite interesting:

    How to Figure Out What Your Dream Job Really Is:



    goof around a lot..

    but im mentally prepared for the consequence



    1. be happy and appreciative you have a job, and decent-great paying too i'd imagine

    2. transition – just get used to it, find something creative or interesting to do during down time, ask to take on special projects and get noticed

    3. work/life balance – be active outside of work, active enough that coming back into work is a relief/relaxing

    4. take the bull by the horns, don't settle for the redundancy



    How about getting a new job? I did not like corporate accounting, but I really enjoy public accounting, There are tons of things you can do with an accounting degree, you should google around a bit.


    @macguy6922 – 1st thing – Your CPA certification is something that is going to set you apart from anyone in the job market. Having a good base (accounting experience) is a great way to start any career. I don't love my job, but there are certain things that get me through the day. Know that you can switch career paths very easy. My dad always told me to get my first job in accounting since that was what I decided to major in…if it ended up not being right for me, I have 2 years of valuable accounting experience. “It is easier to switch to Finance from Accounting rather than the other way around.” Just an example, you can literally go into whatever field you want. Don't sweat it.

    Is this your first job out of school?



    Accounting is generally boring no matter where you go. I suggest you find something else if you already feel like quitting.

    There will be so many applicants applying for your job who would love to have it. So if you say you want to quit, quit. Im sure someone else will be thankful for having a job in this economy. Either that or suck it up.


    @futuremdcpa – For someone who asks for so much advice on other threads, you sure didnt hesitate to bash someone asking for career advice about how to enjoy a “boring” accounting job.



    I've had quiet a few “boring” jobs. One thing I don't like is when people complain about how boring their job is. Asking for exam help is a different story. Im not bashing. I just dislike when someone says their job is boring and are thinking of quitting. I bet you if he was fired, and was without a job for a while, and that same job took him back he wouldn't find it so boring now would he? Too many people would love to have his/her job. Be thankful you have a job. I know many people without a job.

    My apology if it came off as “bashing”



    @futuremd your exam dates are awfully close. are you studying fulltime?



    CannotPassAgain – Yes. I start work in October. So I am trying to get through 1-4 of them hopefully. I might have to push BEC back a couple of weeks though. I have been slacking and lost motivation.

    @macguy6922 – Its only boring if you think its boring. Just have a positive outlook about your job and I think youll be fine. I wake up everyday telling myself its going to be a good day. You have to make yourself believe that. Its helped me much more then I can remember.



    @future completely agree with you. I live in pittsburgh and work in construction. It's been 100 degrees out like almost everyday this summer. YOU GUYS ARE BORED IN AN AIR CONDITIONED BUILDING???!!! UNREAL, THE GUYS I WORK WITH WOULD KILL FOR THAT. You guys should count your blessings and be thankful that you have a job. I know a bunch of people out of work or in crappy jobs like mine.



    Grass is always greener.



    I don't think there are too many enjoyable jobs in the business world.



    I personally thing our parents and teachers did us a disservice by pretending the everyone can do something enjoyable as a career. Even the few lucky people who do end up doing something that they love usually had to put in some grunt work to get the experience required to do that thing they love. If you really think you need to quit, that's you choice. But I would suggest you start focusing on what you are learning, the experience you are gaining, and, mostly importantly, how to apply those skills when you do start looking for something more enjoyable.



    @macguy6922: We are in the middle of a depression and you're complaining about accounting being boring? I wonder how boring unemployment is. Oh wait, I already know. Been looking for ages.



    Quit and go into public accounting (audit not tax). Not a big 4 though. I enjoy my audit job, sometimes feel like an investigator trying to catch someone in the act. Reevaluate yourself and figure out what you are most interested in that you can use your CPA in so you didn't waste your time, but remember the grass is not always greener on the other side.



    If I had to do month end close over and over again, I would be bored too. I paid my dues of monthly billing and month end close cycle in industry for 5 years. Got my solid financial reporting and financial statement experience with 4 years in public accounting.

    Now that I'm back in industry, what I'm doing is so much more interesting. I am projecting managing projects in the global fiance group for the firm I work for. I'm the client now and managing our global audits and I'm always working on new projects. However, I wouldn't have even been considered for this job if it wasn't for my prior experience.

    I would highly recommend that you do 4 years in public accounting. The experience you gain there is invaluable and employers know that as well. Sure, sometimes you will hate life working at a CPA firm, but the time goes by VERY quickly and you will be much mroe marketable once you have had that experience.

    Also, you get exposed to many different industries in public accounting and you may find that you enjoy a particular industry more than others and that could help you focus on what makes you happy.



    if a job wasn't boring it wouldn't be a job, especially at the lower levels.



    Go work for a company that is in distress. You'll never be bored!



    Do as I am and take your CFA exam in December…. : )



    In other related news scientist discover that water is wet….Of course accounting is boring! However, it is a solid field with decent pay. Trust me no one is doing accounting as a hobby. I think you will find that most jobs are boring with the exception of a few, which pay nothing. On a side note, I honestly have never seen collectively an odder bunch of people until I started attending various tax/accounting conferences in my area. Most of the men at these conferences are a cross between Steve Buscemi and George McFly while the women look like Janet Reno.




    I would have to say inorder to find what will make you happy in the accounting profession is to do public accounting, depending on the firm you get exposed to many different industries and decide what you want



    FLCPA77 – i couldn't agree more, a lot of accountants are so weird…but to me its mostly their thought process, perception of the world and mild form of narcissism that gets me. but hey i look at the positives, a lot of them are really smart people so i do my best to blend in enough to be likable in return. don't take offense anyone, just an observation from someone who probably was not meant to be an accountant, but had great operational business/sales experience that employers love and a decent undergrad gpa. back to the OP, its also just a matter of finding the right company/culture to work for. not all offices are that bad, working in a downtown metro area helps as there is more action as well. good luck


    Path To CPA

    @macguy6922 – If being bored is your main concern as far as your career is concerned, please join me in Big4 audit division. If you do, I promise you that the word “BORING” will become inexistent in your vocabulary. Some of my co-workers who left public accounting for corporate accounting have since returned to the firm because they were bored at their new jobs despite their good salaries.

    With Big4 Audit, you'll spend every day trying to convince yourself that work is not a punishment of nature and that you will survive busy season if you can keep your stress level low. Every client is different and you might be dealing with many clients as well as managers, directors or partners. For sure you won't find the work boring, instead, you'll find it challenging. It's a totally different culture.

    I've changed career 4 times in my life and I wish I had discovered public accounting earlier so that I wouldn't have wasted many years of my life pursuing short and dead ends careers. I first graduated with a Math degree, taught Maths for 2 years and hated teaching the same things every year. I then move to a law school and studied International law, relations and diplomacy. Thereafter, I became a diplomat. I hated the heavy traveling and not being able to have a stable family life. I quitted after 2 years, studied Accounting and graduated. Thereafter, I joined Government accounting and hated it. I quitted after 2 years and joined Big4. Now I'm in my element and I'm shinning my way up. I'm not going anywhere because I absolutely love what I do. I love the term “Independent Auditor”. The top level I might reach (senior manager, director or partner) doesn't even matter to me because I'm just happy waking up every day to go to work. Don’t get me wrong, I know many of my co-workers who absolutely hate it to death and getting ready to quit and go to private or corporate accounting. It varies per person.

    Final advice: if age is not a limit for you and you conclude that accounting in all of its forms (Gov, Public, Tax, Advisory…) is not for you, find your dream job and go after it even if you'll have to go back to school again like I did in the past. At the end of the day, it's your happiness and well-being that matters the most. However, If age is not in your favor (above 35 – because without saying it out loud, most companies will not hire you if your years to retirement are very few – it makes sense in accounting, cost-benefit analysis (pension…)), then just learn how to love accounting. It's that simple! The more you try eating tasteless food, the more you'll think that it's not as bad as it looks : )

    Good luck and let me know what your final decision is.



    Why is is that “we must be happy that we have a job”? I cannot stand when people say “well, at least you have a job” well you know what? about 15 years ago…most of everyone could have a job. A lot of us younger people are facing challenges that our parents NEVER had to face.

    We shouldn't have to do the same work that people did in the past for less pay because of the economy. Even though we do,this should NOT be considered the “norm” especially when you have CEOs making million dollar salaries and have their 10+ million dollar “severance” packages! The economy is not doing that badly to where they don't cut those from them.

    Companies are squeezing MORE production out of workers now for less pay because of the economy…they would NOT be able to do that crap if we had NOT gone into a recession.

    Wonder if they are going to raise the debt ceiling now? OR start collaborating on a better plan to fix the job market. Cannot believe my livelihood rests on the simple minds of congress and the house?! SMDH O_o



    It may have more to do with the fact that I am a lot older than most of you, but I don't care what I do on somebody else's time or whether I like it, as long as they pay me enough to do what I enjoy on MY time when I am not there.



    @AccNewbieMom – People like you are whats wrong with the economy. You expect to have a job – you feel so entitled. Times have changed, you shouldn't compare past to present. And by the way.. “I cannot stand when people..” feel like they are entitled to a job. Like I've said before. Be happy and lucky you have a job because you know what? One day you might wake up finding yourself jobless.

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