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    Two days away from my first CPA testing experience. I think I've taken all the right steps in reviewing material up to this point and now I'm just hitting the test bank hard for the last couple days.

    Any advice on how to select questions to get the most accurate exam experience? I'm just doing practice sessions of 30 MCQ each and including all modules. Maybe I should exclude some modules that won't be tested that hard like Derivatives?

    I already did some focused sessions on Not for Profit, Governmental, and Bonds. Other than that… any general advice on what modules to focus on or perhaps modules to exclude from my practice tests?



    I'm taking the exam next Monday and the last 3 days I'm doing these sections:



    -Hedging & Derivatives

    -Business Combinations

    -Basic Concepts






    I think these add up to about 400, but I think it's doable in 2 days…maybe even in 1.

    I feel comfortable with the following topics, but if you don't I suggest you also work:

    -Accounting errors, etc


    -Deferred Taxes…

    I know people on here say that the probably of being heavily tested on derivatives is very minimal, but you never know with these dudes..

    I think the AICPA also has a paper on IFRS…..on its website…Let's do it man…yeeeehahh!!!!!



    Thx 🙂 Good luck to you on FAR Terminator.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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