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    Hi all ,

    I am planning to take the Ethics exam in the next week.
    Just a couple of questions :
    Is it a timed exam?
    Am I allowed to refer the book and the online course for reference?
    How much time will it take to answer 40 questions, if it is not a timed exam ?


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    I don't remember it being timed, but I could definitely be wrong.

    Make sure you save the copy of the PDF book so you can refer back to it. I don't know that you can in the browser during the exam.

    It took me about 5 minutes…only because I had already done the exam from the back of the book. In total I think I had maybe 1.5 hours.

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    If you order the PDF textbook or physical book, your exam code will be given to you. The instructions on what website to go to (for the exam) are all given to you with the purchase. Your exam will also be in the book.

    Make sure you do the exam before you login to record your answers. As Jennifer mentioned, it takes 5 minutes once you do that. It took me a few hours to make sure that all of my answers were correct. I am sure some people whip through it faster, but I was overly paranoid after hearing that some people actually fail it.

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    Does anyone know once you complete the ethics and you get above 90%, is there any notification that your state board received the score other than checking the box in the beginning? Would it show up in CPA central or anything? I didn't even get an email so not sure if there would be anything to confirm it. I could go back into the course and retake the exam even so if anyone has any information it would be much appreciated.

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    I'm in WA state and for us you have to submit a pdf of the certificate when you apply for your license – the thing you get after passing the ethics exam. It should be somewhere in your account on the AICPA website.

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    @jennifer, I just purchased the ethics course and saved the pdf version of the book but I don't see a practice test in the back of the book. I counted around 36 question distributed among the chapters. The last pages are just solutions to the 36 questions within the book. Maybe they changed the book?

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    @mimeto – I suppose that is possible. A guy I work with took the this over the summer said that someone else gave him their exam, and it was the same thing. (Clearly, we all have issues with ethics.) I just looked at the manual that I got. The book is 258 pages, and the Examination for Self-Study Credit begins on page 241 and ends on page 250 with a total of 46 questions.

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    I googled “AICPA+Ethics+Study+Guide.pdf” and found a 2015 version of the Ethics exam with Examination pages at the end. Questions are very similar to the current exam so it will help a lot.

    I will survive!

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    I have the 2015 pdf version of the AICPA book. There are some self study questions at the end of the pdf. How would i know if my answers are correct? I wanna make sure i do some practice questions before i attend the exam online. I do not want to fail.


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