Am I just memorizing the answers?

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    I've been studying Reg using Becker for the past month or so now. I take the exam on May 31st and I feel like I can't get enough MCQs. During the progress tests I'm averaging 80-85. The questions are feeling very familiar to me at this point though. Am I just memorizing the answers? Even when I KNOW what the answer is going to be I try to rework the problem and ask myself why it's that particular answer before I answer it.

    Has anybody else run into this? Should I try some other study techniques or maybe find myself another test bank to go off of?


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    That's a great question. I think most people feel that way, I know I do.

    Optimally, you would do questions from a couple of sources (just to break up the level of comfort you have and get you used to seeing the same topics worded a little differently), but realistically, I think you can pass w/ just one source of questions. I have passed 2 sections so far using only Wiley questions (I use the book & CD bank, I'm unclear if there is 100% overlap b/t the 2).

    Just b/c you are memorizing the answers doesn't necessarily mean you aren't learning the material. You can remember the answer and still have a complete understanding of why that's the correct answer.



    Something I do when I'm feeling this way – I go to and do some of their questions. You can't beat free! And they always have questions that are different from CPAexcel and Wiley.



    I definately like having MCQ's from different sources because I always feel like I've just memorized the answers. is good, but I really liked the Gleim test bank. It has a better user interface than the Wiley test bank, and it's not too expensive.

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