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    I sent the following email to the MA board of Public Accountancy:

    ” I see in several places that the ethics exam is a requirement for certification in the state of MA, but am having difficulty confirming how to actually take it.”

    I get this response:

    “We have no ethics course requirement here for your license, only an ethics CPE requirement after you are licensed.”

    I am incredibly confused, I swore I saw it as a requirement for licensing. Has anybody found that it is NOT a requirement for licensing in MA?



    I am taking the exam through MA and as far as I know, there is no ethics exam requirement.

    Unless something as changed recently…..



    One of my coworkers recently completed the exam in MA and she said there was no ethics exam requirement. Just 4 hours of an ethics CPE every other year.



    Thanks so much! I am closer to being “done” than I thought I was. Just have to wait now to finish school in December (going for a non reporting license, no experience here!)

    My kids are making lists for me of what “fun moms” are supposed to do, since they only remember me as a “boring mom”

    They may be very surprised to find me as a “sleeping mom” for about a year…..



    I am not aware of an ethics exam for MA…rmm is right, it's only once you are licensed that you are required to have 4 CPE hours of ethics every two years…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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