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    I'm a licensed CPA with 5 years of tax experience (2.5 Big4, 2.5 industry)… and I still dislike doing tax full time. Has anyone been able to switch into financial planning, general accounting, or even government? I have a Macc (vs MST). The money is good, I guess im just sick of the worsening busy seasons and keeping up with the ever-changing tax laws.



    I switched to Big 4 audit from a Big 4 specialty tax group, but I did it after my first year. You could probably transfer within your firm, but you may need to take a demotion to do so.



    I did, but looking back, I think it was more of being at the right place at the right time kind of thing. Wanted to change since I felt that taxes were a little dry (5 years of experience and all in public), and the hours were crazy!. So after applying like crazy for months, I landed an interview with a Private Equity firm. It turns out that they were desperately looking for a hard-working CPA since the two guys they had before me turned out to be super lazy and irresponsible. They just did not care that I had no experience at all (important fact since all of the other job posts required experience). They decided to interview me since they knew about my firm's work ethic (they were an AUD client) and after 4 interviews, they made an offer. The job is super exciting and although they were looking for a hard-working CPA, it turns out the job is super flexible (can work from home sometimes) and the hours are nothing like the busy seasons I had to go through.

    I recognize that it is hard, but do not give up. It is true that if it wasn't for the other super lazy guys, I probably would not have been able to land this job, but if I hadn't applied in the first place, I would not have gotten the interview. So keep applying and try to network. For me it was impossible because of the hours at my firm and the fact that my wife was having our second son, but if you have the time, then try to find places to network.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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