Anyone ever *really* thought that they failed BEC and passed?

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    So, for BEC, have any of you truly ever thought you failed it, and actually ended up passing?

    I studied a ton, but the test I took wasn't the test I studied for.

    I convinced myself that there is no hope, but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar feeling about failing and actually passed.

    Btw, this week is going to be a brutal wait!



    Yes, I was dead set, 110% convinced I failed. I passed with an 83.

    I felt like the test was not what I studied for. I had an obnoxious “neighbor” who pounded the keyboard when they typed. The crazy headphones gave me a headache and the testing center man, in the middle of my exam, came up and grabbed my foot and pushed it down and whispered in my ear that he did not want my dirty feet on his chair. (I am really short and the chair was not adjustable and my feet wouldn't touch the ground so I was sitting on my foot). Nothing felt good about the exam, I lost my focus and never got it back.

    I would say there is absolutely hope that you passed! Don't give up hope!!



    Not for BEC but for FAR yes I thought I failed. The multiple choice on that exam were nothing like what I practiced for 10 weeks studying. Every question had some new detail that I hadn't seen before that threw me off. Not many calculations, all conceptual so I couldn't really tell how I was doing. The questions never got wordier, I couldn't feel the testlets getting harder like everyone said would mean you were doing well. Then I got to the sims, they seemed easier than the multiple choice but when I got home I realized I used the wrong formula for part of one and made some mistakes on two others. I only had to wait 6 days for my score which was a blessing because I came home and started to study again thinking for sure I would take it again. I even contacted Becker to go over the best process for re-studying. You can imagine my surprise when I got my score of 92. I cried like a baby. My husband and kids felt so bad for all the misery I put myself through that they went out and got me an ice cream cake with a 92 on it.

    Honestly, I know how you feel. And this is the only ray of hope getting me through waiting for my regulation score. I felt much better coming out of Audit but felt like I got hit by a truck coming out of regulation. I think you just have to have faith that if you prepared well, even though you got curveballs, you probably knew enough to handle them and choose wisely.



    Yes, but I ended up with an 83. Of course, I also thought I failed REG and managed an 81. Most people I've spoken with don't usually feel very confident walking out of any of the exams. They have that effect on people:) Good Luck!



    I know I felt like I failed AUD. I had a terrible feeling leaving the testing center and was immediately making a mental plan of when I was going to retake it.

    Passed with an 85.

    I felt pretty iffy on BEC that I took this past month too. But after my AUD surprise, I'm trying not to stress out about it. Not going to know until I get the score.

    I think a culprit for the ill feelings are that we are used to shooting for a percentage to pass all through school. But the CPA is graded based on fairly complex question weights and such. I don't know for sure, but I'll bet some people passing with 80+ score may have only gotten 60 or 70% of the questions correct, but they got the heavily weighted ones correct, and thus get the high score.



    When I did BEC I walked out thinking what the hell did I see in the exam.. Not that it was all bad but some of it was like giving me a headache. I managed to pass the exam. I agree with every exam I have done for the CPA I walked out not knowing where I stand. Its very hard for me to tell if I passed or failed. Most say if you walk out feeling like you had the worst exams – chances are that you have passed.



    Me too!!!!! Convinced I failed – had even started excepting the fact that I was going to lose my promotion over it. Then ended up passing!!! Since this was your last one, just try to enjoy the week as much as you can.


    Ugh I can't even sleep or eat! It's all I can think about!!

    Thank you for all of the encouraging stories so far… this is really helping 🙂



    I know how you feel. I'm waiting for my BEC results too. I initially took it at the end of May and made a 73. Then I re-took it July 1st… and now I'm waiting. Ugh!! The wait. I'm going to be crushed if I failed it again. But to answer your question, I feel terrible about the exam. I didn't see much in the exam that resembled what I studied for.



    I thought I failed BEC for sure as so many questions seemed to come out of left field. Got a 75 and I am still stunned and even more stunned I passed FAR with an 81, as that one I swear was written in Swahili.

    I think the exams are curved no matter what the AICPA says, and we all know they throw out some questions in every exam. And BEC with the written part – that is the most subjective of all. My answers to that seemed too short to me but apparently they were just long enough!

    Best of luck to you. Feeling like crap is totally normal lol.

    B: 75

    A: 77

    R: 80

    F: 81

    Ethics: 84, 92 and done!

    Licensed in California



    I'm on the same boat. I just took BEC on 7/9 and studied with the test banks on Wiley and Gleim but was shocked that they DID NOT even resemble the questions on the exam. I guess we'll have to suffer til the scores come out..




    I feel like we were in the same testing center, LOL. Because the person behind me was banging away at her freaking keyboard, the guy next to me kept clicking his nails together, and the headphones gave me a headache so I had to take them off.

    I just took the BEC exam yesterday and I feel terrible.

    Seriously. I think I marked 4-7 questions on each testlet. I also feel like Becker didn't prepare me as well as it should have.

    I really hope I pass so I don't have to reapply again. I want to knock all 4 exams out by January of next year (even though I was thinking of waiting until April of next year but busy season won't allow that).

    A 75 is all I'm asking for.

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