Are There any GOOD CPA employers?

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    Has anyone had a GOOD experience working at a CPA firm? Anyone? There are quite a few threads on here about horrible work situations.

    I worked at one in 2016, the auditor I reported to was such a snake and so mean I quit 3months later. She was not interested in training newbies. Now, I am at a small firm for about 7 months and am thinking of leaving. I am just so tired of being crapped on. Today I have a client who has under reported income to the tune of $117,000 and is now mad at me because to him I should just go by what he has in his books so now he wants the CPA I work under to review it. OK fine. I get all the info together to show the CPA (my boss) and instead of even looking at the income he starts pinging out on the dang sales tax liability on the balance sheet. WELL DUH OF COURSE it is wrong, the income is wrong. SO I get my butt chewed about knowing where the liability is going-even though it doesn't matter because the issue is INCOME. Why would I even bother with a tax liability if the amount being taxed is wrong?? (the client was putting the sales tax to an expense account when paid-simple quick easy fix people do this all the time). So hours later here I sit with the same issue and I am so mad I can not even think straight.

    Is there anywhere to work for a CPA for one measly year when anyone is even remotely sane and normal? Anywhere? For the record, I am in my 40s and have years and years of great work experience in accounting and a few other industries. I worked very successfully in construction accounting- I am not exactly thin skinned.

    Would it be better to just take the CPA and then get experience? But how to weed out the crazies?

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    I loved the firm I worked at. I enjoyed the audit work, but I hated the constant grind (mostly that it was never ending, as soon as you finish one audit you are already at some point on 2-3 others). I ended up going into industry. However to answer your question, yes there are good firms. I was in my 30s when I started as a staff.

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    @ Fassopony: I can relate with your experience; however, I work in industry. I have a higher-up which I work under and I think this person is bipolar! I get belittled, criticized, yelled at for minor mistakes or for not knowing a GAAP principle that I have never applied outside of academia. I have been employed with this small organization for a little over 8 months, and this person does not want to train me because I have 4 years of experience. I do not have a source to go to and bounce off ideas. I loathe asking this person ANY question(s) because I get ridiculed and scolded for not knowing something “basic” or telling me that I half-assed it! I am not the pioneer of accounting, I cannot know everything.

    During the interview, this person was the most down to earth, coolest, “mentor” like minded person. Little did I know the true EVIL would come out when I began my job. It is hard or near impossible to screen the crazies in a single interview. I hate the place I work at, but I am a grown folk with grown folk financial obligations, so I cannot just quit tomorrow w/o having something else lined up. I will start my search during the fall for reasons I do not want to divulge on this public forum.

    Lastly, I have stopped studying for the CPA exam because this person has made me hate this profession! And does not want to mentor/teach me the things I do not know!



    I work for small CPA company. My boss is cool and the partners are great too. As they get older (in their 60's) they are getting kinda weird but in more funny than scary way. Our office is small, 10 people in small town. Maybe in big cities is different, but here we are all laid back and relaxed. My job and/or coworkers do not cause me any kind of stress and I love it. I wish you all such a great team. So yes, good CPA employers happen sometimes 🙂

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    Maybe you should look into a larger firm. Maybe a regional or national firm. People think its tougher, more cut throat, more type-A personalities, etc but its not. Im at a big 4 and have never ever been yell at or insulted or belittled. Everyone is very willing to coach you. It is actually a great work environment, you just have to work long hours a few months out of the year. But yes, there are good firms out there. Good luck, i hope you find a better place than where you are at now.

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    Don't let them turn you off from being a CPA. I had a great experience starting my career at E&Y. The only reason that I left is because the workload didn't allow me to have a life outside of work. There are great places out there. Don't give up. I hope you find somewhere that you love.

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    I recommend that you either try a larger firm or go into industry. You will sacrifice work/life balance with the big firms, but you will probably get better training. Plus, there's a smaller chance of something like this happening.

    Industry is pretty nice as well. You work fewer hours and people are generally more laid back since you are more of a support function.

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