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    I'm just starting to study for AUD & BEC which I plan to take at the end of November.

    Is this goal too ambitious?



    Most people spend about 4-5 weeks studying those, so it seems possible. I'd be scared, but I'm sure its been done before.. so no reason you can't do it as long as you are 100% dedicated!



    Run, you could do it! But plan your strategy well, it's not how much you know but what you know….

    BEC – make sure you go over the study MCQs for IT and Business Structure at least 3 times, then memorize all the formulas for the rest of the chapters and you will not have a problem. I passed BEC with a 77 studying 7 days about 8 hours a day, I was very strong on IT, Business Structure and Economics, I memorized the rest of the formulas and guessed "B"s on anything I didn't know….

    AUD – I studied Audit three times as hard as BEC and failed with a 70. I failed because I did not have a testing strategy. My strategy should have inlcuded that I had a lot of time for the exam (not like BEC and REG),so I should have gone slow on the MCQs and on the SIMS, I should have written extensively on the written communications…

    Good Luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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