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    I've been studying AUD for one and a half month and still have 2 more chapters to go. I am scheduled to take a test on Dec 10th this year. But, in reality it is impossible to finish two chapters and review before the exam. So I decdied to reschedule the exam right after new year. I really wanted to take AUD this year as I have to wait only 10 days to receive the score. But there would be no point of getting score early if I get failed score. Audit content is so dry and difficult 🙁

    I'm worried if there will be any new testable concepts/contents for the Audit. I am using Beckcer and received an email about new testable concepts/contenst for FAR and REG starting year 2020. Does anyone know if there will be new contents for the AUD in 2020 (1st quarter)?

    AUD - NINJA in Training
    BEC - 73
    FAR - 75
    REG - 77
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    Mine is on December 5th. If I were you, I would take it on Dec 10th, maybe you will get lucky, the worst case.. you can pay extra and retake it in January. Good thing about December it's a buzzy season for auditors.

    FAR 73,78




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    At a minimum, you should've consult exam blueprint to see if there is any new content being tested.

    FAR 85
    REG 87
    AUD 82->89
    BEC 81-EX

    The AUD exam changes aren't substantial and should have no bearing on your exam timing.

    I passed AUD in 2 weeks (I procrastinated), so it's doable:

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