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    I feel like I'm having a tough time reviewing audit. It's the only section that I can bust out 75% or better, then pull a few 50-65%. I took AUD earlier this year and barely failed it. I'm giving myself another 85 hours to re-study but just don't feel confident. Is pounding MCQ's really the answer? The SIMS I'm okay on. It's the MCQ's that are tripping me up. It's also the only section that I've taken very extensive notes on. Yes, more than FAR. If you had one thing as a goto to get you over the hump for audit, what is it?

    2015: Becker Review

    FAR - 84

    BEC/AUD/REG - Let life get in the way...

    2018/2019: RogerCPA / Ninja

    BEC - 80

    FAR - 77 (Pretty sure Ninja audio saved me!)

    AUD -

    REG -



    You passed far so you will be fine eventually,but i am assuming you are bad with plain memorization of concepts though, that's why you are struggling with aud and not far.
    If you are using Becker try to read it backwards (from a6 to a1)
    That way you would go along with the actual flow of the process, it may set things together for you, since aud material is really given backwards (they start with the opinion in a1 and end with small procedures that gave that opinion at later chapters), i dont know why they are doing it that way (not Becker alone even the undergrad book does it backwards)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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