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    Hi all of my Auditing class of 2013 Ninjas!

    Is there a study group topic for Jan/Feb 2013 yet?

    If not, can we start one?

    I have scheduled my exam for 1/11. This is my second try (73 in Aug. 2012). Tonight I am going to take a mini practice exam to see what I remember and get and idea of my weak spots. And tomorrow I begin re-watching Yaeger vidoes. The entire timeline is to work book questions as I go through each module. Wrapping up the last video by Dec 14. And will do nothing but review, review, review until 1/10. Oh, and take my holiday vacation at the end of December, yikes!

    What review material are you using? When is your exam? What topics have you covered? Any tips yet?



    I'm glad you started this topic! Because I was definitely hoping one would be posted soon haha.

    After FAILING AUD twice, I have scheduled the exam for 1/17. I took it this last time on 10/25 and obviously did worse on it … Even though I was scoring in the 80s/90s range on all of the Becker Homework, Progress Tests, Final Exams, and a 76 on the Gleim Practice Exam… FML. haha

    This time around, I bought the Ninja Notes, will review Becker again I guess, and will also be using Wiley this time around…. I pray that that is good enough. Failing Audit twice kinda starts getting to me when I really sit and think about it, haha!

    Hopefully I can pass this batch and be done forever!!

    Good Luck to everyone.



    Assuming I pass FAR next week I am totally in for the Jan/Feb study group! Hoping Roger CPA can help me pass both FAR and Audit by 1/30 or I am losing a section and have a baby on the way. Oooo stress! haha Good luck!



    I have auditing on 1/26. This one is worrying me because I usually do better on the math concepts than the conceptual problems. No math to help my score on this one.



    Oh, Tinkler87 that second fail must really burn, I'm sorry. I can completely understand why it would start getting to you when you think about it. Let's not think about our fails, ok? You're almost DONE!!!! You got this.

    I'll be using the Wiley test bank (2011) and Ninja Notes/Audio, too. I hope by January I will be able to recite the Ninja Audio along with Jeff, lol.

    @rmm91909 I hope you get great news on FAR! I am waiting for my FAR score too. I think I failed so I am planning to retake at the end of February. I just didn't want to lose two weeks of study time waiting for my score. I have a very unhealthy fear of losing credit after I finally pass an exam. Congrats on the baby, when are you due? I have a little one too 🙂

    @AmberDawn don't worry about AUD. There are some ratios that will help you if you are good with numbers 🙂 I think it will be really helpful if we share any of the acronyms or mnemonics we use as we work through the material. That way the conceptual problems will be a no brainer.

    I took a little mini exam last night to see what I recall from August, I am very pleased. But, I'm still going to work through the plan like it's my first time. Today I begin with Professional Responsibilities. I've got a date with Gary Bulmash and a Red Bull!

    For anyone that uses Yaeger, I think Gary goes through the material a little slow. I use the VLC player to adjust the playback speed to 1.3 and I get through the videos in a time that works better for me.



    The fun begins this weekend —

    I work full-time –

    I plan to study 2 hours per day on the weekdays and 4 to 5 hours on the weekends.

    I just scheduled AUD instead of FAR for JAN 19, 2013…

    I'm not sure if this is the right move but – I'm going for it…

    This will be my first exam – I'm really nervous and dont know what to expect


    glad i find this post. if i find out pass REG on dec. 7, i will start AUD study and join in this group.



    When is everyone starting to study?

    I have Becker 2012 Self Study.



    @ Jade good luck on your REG score!

    @23k Welcome to your first study experience! I work full time too and our study hours sound similar. I get 2 hours in on weeknights and 7-8 hours on weekends. I'm a slow MCQ taker though. I spend A LOT of time studying the answers to questions and making note cards. I've just started studying.



    MCLKT – are you using Ninja notes and Yaeger review ?



    @23k, yes I am.



    I ask because I am thinking about getting the Ninja Notes –

    I want to give myself the best chance to pass the first time around.

    Have you been using Ninja Notes since yourr first exam ?



    I didn't start with Ninja Notes. But after my first exam (BEC) I wanted some extra guidance and information from an additional source other than the Wiley book and questions. It seemed to me like the Wiley questions were a little too easy for me because a lot of the wording matched the text verbatim. I needed additional text -from a different point of view- to fully comprehend the concepts instead of just remembering the Wiley way.

    I think it's worth it. I like the Ninja flash cards too. It's basically the notes in quiz form, and I find them very helpful when reviewing on my phone through out the day.

    On my last exam (FAR) I signed up for cpareviewforfree, and I really like it. REALLY. I'm going to pay the $10 to get additional SIMS too.


    Doh! I didn't see this when i started the new thread. I will delete the other.


    Free Study Planner + AUD NINJA Notes (Engagement Planning):

    AUD Exam Experience:



    As long as I passed BEC…here I am with Audit again. Good to see I'm in good company. I'm starting back over with chapter one of Becker today. Although, I like your idea of starting with a practice test. That's a great place to start.

    I'm getting the Ninja flashcards, too. I really need something portable. This laptop is beginning to feel like a ball and chain.



    AnnaNuthaCPA- I had surgery (Knee-ACL) before my AUD exam too!!!! Here's to a fully healed, medication free study session.



    How should I structure my study plan ?

    One section per week out of Becker. F1-F6

    Then that leaves two weeks for review ?



    I would love to join!! I just applied for the AUD section and am waiting for my payment coupon. I plan to schedule the test for 1/7 or 1/12. I just started the Becker review classes but will have to miss one for my company holiday party :/ I've also checked out the Wiley review book from my local library. This will be my first time taking AUD!



    @23k, yes I found studying one chapter per week works well for me. Becker recommends more, but I cannot keep up with it with work and my family responsibilities.

    I hope to go a little faster than one per week this time around since I've been through audit once already. For BEC I did one week per chapter and it went pretty well. Some chapters took longer, but it averaged out to a week.




    Are there any practice simulation about derivative forward contract regarding to control risk, inherent risk, and detection risk? I really need those practice



    Hi All- I notice I get too distracted on the forum, I've already disabled Facebook, lol. Now I'm just going to make sure I am on A71 in moderation.

    So, I'm going to continue with my studies and will check in with you all in a couple days. I”m going to wrap up Module one and do the questions tomorrow.

    Happy Studies!



    I was scheduled to take exam tomorrow push it back till January 2013. I was not keeping to my study plan.The first time I sat for AUD I used Gleim. I think the book is not an easy read. I like the MCQ's software and the audio. I listen to the audio on my way into work and the drive back home, while I'm working out or shopping. I am currently using roger CPA and I truly love the lectures. He really makes it easy to understand the material,hopefully I pass this time around.

    Happy study.



    I am starting my AUD studies now. I am waiting on REG scores. Hopefully, I won't have to double up. If I don't pass all parts by May 2013, I will lose my BEC and FAR. I like the Wiley and Ninja notes, so they will be my primary study material. My test date is February 28. This gives me some time to really focus. I already like the AUD topic which remind me of BEC and FAR.



    Good-Luck to everyone

    I'm strating with F1 this weekend…



    I am also getting reay to take audit again in January. I haven't scheduled it yet but hopefully the first or second week in January. I am using Becker and also Wiley. I would like to know what are your strategies. Are you just doing questions or what? How is everyone studying? Thanks



    I will start to study this weekend. This is my first exam.

    I have Becker Self Study 2012 – my exam is on 01/19/13 @ 8AM

    I plan on going through at least 1 to 1.5 chapters per week so I can have at least two weeks to review.

    I'm thinking about getting Wiley or Ninja notes. Depends on how this first week goes.

    Lectures – Notes – MCs & Sims – in that order each week



    I got the 10 point combo for audit this morning. I'm totally stoked about it! I've been listening to the audio while I work and trying to figure out the app on my Android. I think I need a cord, so will get that fixed up when I get home.

    I know I'm going to pass this time. This is exactly what I need to bump me up the two points I needed to pass. I'm sure I'll bump up much more than that, actually.

    MCLKT, it is so nice to know someone else had surgery in the middle of their studies and had trouble on the test over it. Whenever I tell anyone I failed over going into the exam on pain pills, I feel like I'm making excuses. I had studied a lot and felt totally prepared. Finding out I failed really hurt.

    I am having another procedure 12/13 to fix what went wrong the first time, although I've requested to do it with no anesthesia this time, only Novacane. This surgery will be much smaller and I'm hoping to go drug-free. My husband has his doubts, but I'm a ninja now! So, I think I can do it! 🙂



    I'm using Becker, Ninja notes and flashcards. Taking the exam January 5th… and hoping the holidays do not distract me too much.


    Why am I already in this Audit section and i still need to take the FAR exam next week ? –FOCUS—-



    Can we all reference the subject matter we are reviewing instead of or in addition to the chapter or module numbers? I'm not familiar with Becker so I don't know if you all are covering the same material or not?

    This week I have covered Professional Responsibilities. Which focuses on all of the different authorities in the accounting world and their rules. I think the highlights are the code of conduct and independence rule 101.

    @jmj02001 – I have about 5 weeks until test day. 20-25 hours a week average. I work through one chapter at a time using Yaeger home study. Watch the video/take notes. Work the problems MCQ/SIMS assigned. After all chapters are complete. I take a full blown practice exam, note weak areas. Rewrite all of my notes (this takes about a week). The last two weeks I will work MCQ using Wiley and cpareviewforfree and review all of the explanations to questions I miss. And I focus in on areas I was weak in. Work additional problems and even rewatch a lecture if needed. I also plan on taking the practice exam in the back of the Wiley book about 5 days before my test. I don't like to take a practice exam too close to test day, because I find it can be discouraging if I don't score the way I would like…

    In my “off-time” when I'm not actually “studying” I read the ninja notes over and over and use the Ninja Flash Cards on my Android. And I listen to Ninja Audio while I commute. Hiya!

    Lol@ Financelady! Yes, focus on FAR. Audit will still be here 🙂

    @AnnaNutha – If you need help with the Ninja material and your Android let me know. I think sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. It may appear to be an excuse to people on the outside, but we know the commitment and focus that is required to pass these exams. And recognizing the medication and emotional/physical distraction of a surgical procedure is not an excuse. I think after failing, it's important to be able to pinpoint what might have played into the <75 score. I think the #1 reason I didn't get over the hurdle was a lack of review time. I have made certain to leave a 2 week minimum for nothing but additional MCQ's, SIMS and flashcard/note review. I have no doubt that we will dominate AUD in Jan 🙂

    @23 How is your first weekend of studying going???

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