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    Any advice for AUD? Thanks and good nite!



    Make sure to use research tab for SIMs. Read the questions and answers carefully. When I took it I went through MCQs relatively quickly and went with my gut answer first. Then went back to re-read to double check based on re-reading the questions.


    Those of you who have taken AUD, how long does it take to get through the MCQs?

    -I'm assuming that if it took me 2 hours for FAR, it could take 15-30 mins less for AUD.

    -Did you guys memorize every single report?



    You can easily get through the MCQ for AUD in two hours… The key to doing well on MCQ is repetition and reading the question very carefully. I am horrible at multiple choice because I second guess myself and I take too long on questions I should just answer and move on. I still managed to get them done in two hours which is good enough to leave you two hours for the sims which I highly suggest because you can use the research tab to squeeze out any extra points. I found one of my sims word for word in the research tab and found many answers to others in the research tab as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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