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    Hi Everybody

    I have my first CPA exam this Wednesday. I am off work until then, and plan on studying 24/7 until my test. I'm trying to work through the 1700+ MC choice Gleim Test Prep questions this weekend. I'm averaging 85-95% on 100 questions test, but these forums are quite intimating. I was wondering if anybody has any last minute advice for me. Thanks in advance



    I think you're in pretty good shape and I would suggest not to over do it on your last day. Try to relax and get a good night sleep…

    Good luck!



    Vern, good luck with AUDIT! I'm also doing all of the Gleim Test Prep AUD MCQs, 1,783 2Xs. In addition, I've already done all of the Wiley CD MCQs 2x.

    I've failed AUD 2x (70,69) and I want to better my chances on my 3rd time.

    But if you work in AUD or an over-achiever, AUD will be like cake-walk for you…..

    BEC=77, FAR=78, REG=73,74,80, AUD=70,69, 5/30?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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