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    Hi guys,
    How many days does one require on an average to study for audit when studying full time?
    I generally want to know all concepts in detail and end up consuming a lot of time than the standard 100-120 hours. I did that with REG and FAR, but want to complete audit as soon as possible. Any insight would be helpful and appreciated.

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    REG - 91
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    I didn't study full time, but what I will say – I wouldn't worry about “standard” amount of time. For me – it took much longer to learn things as I am a MUCH better hands on learner. I would make a schedule that works for you. There are some folks on this site that are much smarter than I will ever be, and they had more success with less work. I spent a year working on the standard number of hours and had nothing to show.

    Once I threw that blueprint out and made my own – I had a lot more success. Get through the first chapter to the point you feel comfortable and base the rest of the chapters on that schedule. Build in a week or so of review and you should be good.

    I used Becker and took about 1.5 weeks per chapter (working full time) and gave myself 2 weeks of review. I also built in a day of review after each chapter so I didn't lose to much while studying. That worked for me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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