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    this is my first post here.. i have been reading the forum for a long time but just decided to join.Here is my story… I have a bachelors and MBA in accounting.. I registered for the 1st time in august 2011 to take the exam in California.. I worked 5 years in a CPA firm and now I work part time in the CPA firm and full time as a senior accountant for a non profit. Needless to say my time is all taken up noo free time .Im married but no kids:) just 3 pomeranians <3… anyways in 2011 I registered and took my first test FAR and failed miserably with a 32 I didn't study and just went in to take the test since it was already paid for…. I had becker materials.. in 2012 I took BEC and failed with a 45 again not studying was the issue….FAR again and got a 34. I had health issues during the year so i decided to leave the testing aside… Here I am today just submitted my $50 reapplication fee and I want to take BEC in November if my NTS comes quick and theres room for testing. I will begin studying this Monday i just purchased ( Yaeger videos 2013, handouts, wiley text book, ninja notes, ninja audio, and I plan to purchase the MC's Jeff has in the ninja store) I also plan to follow the studying schedule Jeff has posted….. I am just confused as to what to do… is it enough time to study from now-November for BEC or should I wait to test in 2014? will my materials still be good for 2014 or is there changes expected? I know there are a lot of requirements that are new for 2014 but Im sure i meet the requirements since all my education was in accounting and the CPA's I work for will sign my paperwork for experience requirement. My MAIN concern is whether im gonna be stuck with materials that will be useless……. 🙁

    any tips or advice on what to do..? wait for 2014? or try to test in November if I get the NTS on time? any materials that are helpful to you that I dont have yet.. Im willing to purchase anything that will help me im desperate to pass this time!

    Thanks 🙂


    I would advice not to postpone it anymore. Looks like you are serious and you got everything you need now so start studying I just took bec I studied for 8 days so I would say now until nov is a lot of time I would even try to study now and take one exam in oct and another in nov.

    Also make sure that you will have the credit needed for license in CA as it changes in 2014 they have specific classes they will require now and I think a BA is not enough you might need to complete some classes but it could be only a few not sure just double check it.

    I wanted to take the exam in 2011 had the books paid for the exam but never took it because I always said I'm way to busy, after 3 years I finally realized I'll always be busy and in order to pass it you have to put your life on hold I minimized going out of the house anywhere but work, had a lot of friends who didn't get why I don't have time for them but also had some very supporting friends who kept reminding me that I have to do it and give it everything I have and this way I could finish it quicker and they were right I started this year passed 3 and waiting for the 4th one it is quick now that I'm looking at it (with busy season in between than never ended until 3 weeks ago) so find yourself a friend like that if non of your friends take the CPA exam and know what it means to be so dedicated talk to people here because we will understand while others in your life will tell u it's ok to take a break or push your studying – don't listen to them 😉

    Enjoy today and start studying tomorrow!

    Good luck you can do this

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