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    Are there any sample letters for the BEC Business writing? I'm hoping that how I'm writing the Wiley Test Bank sims is good enough.

    Basically I the format I write is something like this.

    Dear [name of who I am writing to]

    You have written me about [copy/paste situation the person is concerned about from the sim question] I am glad to help in answering your question.

    [Insert an answer to the question being asked in the sim]

    If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact me.


    Bob, CPA Candidate

    I copy/paste stuff from the sim question into my answer, for example, if the question is about a disadvantage of the payback method, I copy/paste the text about “a disadvantage of the payback method” into my answer, and then type in the rest of the answer.

    Of course, I make sure everything is grammatically correct, no spelling errors, no bullets, no abbreviations too.

    I do the copy/paste because I know the automated graders are looking for the keywords from the question.

    Is this enough to get the points? I've heard various theories, that it is a gimme on one hand, on the other hand some people had to write a novel to do this….



    I pretty much BSed my WCs. I just made sure they were properly formatted (i.e. 3 paragraphs- intro, body & conclusion) and that they sounded sophisticated.

    As long as you can show them you know how to write properly, you'll get enough points to pass.


    I jumped into the topisc in my first sentence. My strategy is to dump as many key words as possible knowing the essays are mostly likely be graded by computers. I used very simple sentences so that I won't have to check my grammer error. I also avoid repeating the same keywords, and it seems work for me. I only had less than an hr to finish all three essays, and I got a compatible scores on writing…considering English is my second language. When I finished all three, I went back to add something likes “I look forward to meeting you…” to polish in case they got reviewed by real people.

    I have a situation at the prometric center regarding my writing portions: I had less than one hour to write all three, so I typed as fast as I could. The problem is that my keyboard is SO loud! The whole room can heard my typing! I couldn't care much at that point as I was running of time writing, but I feel bad for people sitting next to me.



    @cpa-convertible, I wore ear plugs my last exam. During the exam they were bugging me so I took them out for a second… I realized “Holy $hit I BANG the numbers on my key board.” I annoyed myself so bad I put my ear plugs back in so I couldn't hear myself LOL. I'm sure there was a lot of people who probably wanted to punch me in the face….. I felt really bad, but I just want to pass… Go ear plugs!!!!


    @peanut…I heard lots of sighing around my me, and I am pretty sure I am the reason. I felt really bad, but I just had no choice. I am the kinda person who hate ear plug! I can't concentrate if I have an earplugs on. I was wishing they assigned my a cube far away from everyone…I will be very annoyed if someone typed THAT loud next to me for a whole hour when I am trying to take this exam!!!



    I didn't study bec writing till the last minute. It's like any memo I've ever done for work. Ran short of time and barely had time to write much less edit. Passed easily.


    The Wiley review books have sample letters, but I think your strategy is pretty good. Or at least it is the same as my strategy:

    “Thank you for your question regarding [copy/paste what they're asking]. I understand that you are interested in [copy/paste why they're asking].

    “[Answer the question]

    “[Summarize answer in a sentence]. I hope this information has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions or if I can help with anything else.


    “Bob, CPA Candidate [or controller or CFO, whatever they say you are]”



    @CPA-Convertible- I only had 30 mins left to do my 3 WCs and I was typing super fast and my typing got super loud that a person actually complained and the person working at Prometric had to kindly ask me to quite down my typing. Prometric needs to put in quieter keyboards. Because of that, my typing slowed down and I didn't have time to proofread my last WC. I was so ticked off and I was like, “I better not fail because of this or else…” Luckily, I passed.

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