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    Does anyone know the exact weight of written communications? Is it 20% or 15%?


    I believe its 15%, which compared to the other sections is wonderful in my opinion!



    Scheduled for 1/4. Got 71 in November. I did poorly on the written communication or I think I would have passed. Reason I left no time and had to just write and submit(normally write well).

    Math? yes plenty of Math, but more importantly being able to extrapolate the correct info to use, can be tricky. The only way to prepare for this is to know the logic and theory behind it. JMO

    How to study, AGAIN? Per many suggestions I am listening to the chapters and taking detailed notes. After 1 & 2 are done I will go through all the MC for those chapters and take notes on what Im not getting. Then 3 & 6. Last 4 & 5. Then Wiley test bank 600 mc and practice exams. One last read through of my notes day before.

    Hopefully eat marshmellows while burning book



    ok I take that back about the math! I think I was comparing it to REG which I just took. I did find though that beckers had way more math than was in the actual exam.



    I remember seeing Jeff post the 2013 update a while back, but as a recap, are there any changes between the 2012 exam and the 2013 exam?


    Maged Melio

    I had FAR and Audit last November, planning to have BEC next Feb. [ I wish I have just BEC and no other Re of FAR of AUD 🙂 ].

    Bec. is pretty well. Most of topics as common business scence but for sure it need more hard work and exercises like any other CPA part.

    – To all CPA candidates, Enjoy your journey of hard work and enjoy the taste of success and celebration.

    Good Luck!



    I love how Prometric sent me a confirmation email at 3:45am to remind me of my appointment Friday for BEC… if I forgot about it!!!! Just venting. I absolutely hate studying for BEC. This SECOND attempt will be a SUCCESS!



    Depending on REG score this weekend, BEC should hopefully be my last (fingers crossed). In meantime, slowly trying to get into it 🙁

    Gluck to all!


    Taking BEC tomorrow and I am not even finished with Chapter 6 of Becker! Haven't even started reviewing yet… I've never been so unprepared for an exam before 🙁 I think it's going to take a Christmas miracle for me to pass, tear…



    anyone take the AICPA sample test… It only works on a PC and have a mac, wondering if I should go out of my way to take it..



    Hi, I'd like to join you guys in study for BECre-take 2013.

    I'm using a 4-week plan and hope to sit first week of January.



    Exam is tomorrow afternoon. I have been doing 72 question progress test all week and am consistently scoring in the 80's. I also work for a big 4 firm and constantly write memo's so I should be fine in that section. Just hoping ive done enough and am ready to conquer this test.



    Ugh I really do not like BEC!! I feel like it just took me forever to get through BEC 1 in Becker. And then I did horrible on the MC – like, the worst I've done from any other section on the homework. Anyone else feel this way?




    Right there with you. I'm actually still stuck on Chapter 1. Haven't bothered looking at the writing tasks and still have 100 questions to work. Apparently, Chapters 2 & 3 are even worse. I really need a pass in REG! There's no way in hell I'm gonna be able to study for both simultaneously within the next month.



    I just watched the first part of the lecture for BEC 2 and it didn't seem as bad to me as BEC 1 – But I'm a total math nerd at heart, so BEC 2 appeals to that side of me 🙂 I am going to San Antonio this weekend so trying to get through a bunch of lectures so that I can bring my book and just take notes this weekend. I'm an early riser but my friend I'm going with is not so much one, so I plan to study in the morning between when I wake up and when she is ready to go!



    Hi everyone 🙂

    I'm taking BEC in early January and decided the best way for me to keep motivated is to join this study group! I'm using Gleim and Wiley and liking them both so far. Best wishes to everyone taking this exam in the upcoming testing window!


    Just left the Prometric center from taking BEC! Overall, I expected the MC questions to be much harder than they really were… I had so many one sentence questions and not nearly as many math problems as I expected. I also felt comfortable about 2 of the 3 essay questions. Here's hoping it was my last time sitting for a section!!

    Good luck everyone!



    @iwantmylifeback I take BEC tomm. I am scoring upper 80's on 72 question progress test. Anything i should focus on as this is the night before. When you think we will get our scores back?


    @proach33 – I wouldn't say there one area over another that you should focus on… I really feel like it was a good spread of topics, but just not too the difficulty that I expected. The Becker MC questions seemed much, much harder too me and took longer. NO idea when we'll get our scores… maybe within a week? Fingers crossed!! Best of luck to you tomorrow!!



    Hey guys, joining in. I took Audit today and I am going to start studying for BEC while I wait to see if I passed AUD. If so, I plan to take BEC the first week of January before busy season starts.

    How is this test as compared to FAR and AUD?


    @audiox – I also went from Audit to BEC and found the transition to be very difficult…the concepts in audit build, one chapter from the next, and logically make sense as you go. BEC does not haha, it's just random concepts thrown at you from any direction. I am not sure what prep materials your using, but Beckers 2012 materials are painful to get through, really long lectures and endless MC questions. I greatly underestimated BEC! Best of luck to you!



    I totally agree! BEC is very much so underestimated. I gave up on Chapter 3 MCQs tonight and went onto Chapter 4 videos… Becker kills you in the first 3 chapters with all of the questions. Hoping for more energy tomorrow!!!



    I'm taking the exam on Saturday at 5 (only available appointment that day, awful, I know). I've been doing MC questions like a mug in this stretch run using the Becker final test prep progress tests. I'm having the most trouble remembering all of the formulas from B3. I think I spent sooo much time getting all the B1 and B2 material down that I kinda neglected B3. Hopefully before the test I can get it all straightened out. I'm constantly reviewing B1 flash cards as well because I have this gut feeling COSO is gonna get hit pretty hard.

    @fearthebeard – like others have said. Once you get through the first 3 chapters of Becker it's downhill from there. The IT stuff in 4 is mostly just factual and I personally thought the Econ was about as basic as it gets. B6 has a few concepts that are tough (hedging, exchange rate) but nothing like b1-3. Good luck and hang in there.



    Hey folks! Count me in for the BEC re-take group in Jan 2013. I just took the exam at the end of the regular Oct / Nove testing window. I haven't gotten my score back yet but I'm pretty sure I didn't pass. I thought I did okay on the MCQs (which are MUCH easier than Becker MCQ's), but completely bombed the written communications. Rather than sit and wait or start studying for another exam only to come back again, I figure I might as well continue studying for BEC.

    Like other Becker users have already said, BEC is a real beast. In the length of time it took me to study and pass Audit, I was only able to cover the first three sections of the BEC review. The lectures are long, the text is all over the place and doesn't building on anything, and the questions are brutal. For those of you who are studying for BEC for the first time, do not underestimate the amount of time it will take you to study for BEC! I think most people assume it will only take 3-4 weeks tops, but when you actually start studying, you will realize the prep time can easily double to 8 weeks. G'luck everyone.



    So Im using Becker and this time added Wiley test bank. In the Wiley test bank there were a few questions on Dodd Frank, which I thought was covered on REG and some on Interntational Audit Standards which I know is in AUD. Could questions on this material be on my BEC exam? I hate BEC with passion. Thats why Im combing the book and questions like a crazed maniac, so I never have to see it again.


    If you have Becker I think its best to combine Chapters 1-2, 3-6, then 4 & 5 seperately. I m just finishing 1 and 2 and now Im going to jump to 4 and 5 to get out of the math for a little. 3 and 6 are formulas and math.

    REG 83 8/18/12

    BEC 71 10/13/12

    BEC REMATCH 1/05/13



    I just took BEC (again) today. I felt that this test was easier than previous BEC tests. Hopefully I'll pass this time. I failed several times using becker high 60's and low 70s. This time I used Yaeger cram, which was really fantastic, Cindy does a great job and alot of what she went through showed up on my exam.



    BEC exam in 2 hours. Ran out of time last time. Result…59. Lord, make me fast and accurate this time! I honestly feel like I can recite the 6 chapters of Becker. Not sure how I can be more prepared. Re-write Ninja notes-check, listen to Ninja Audio over and over and over-check. Complete Wiley BEC test bank-Check. Re-work Becker homework 3 times-check Lets beat the breaks off this bad boy. Sorry for the useless post- trying to pump my self up. I'll keep you informed on how it goes. I'm not a very smart person so I could use all the prayers! ha

    For those waiting on scores…..GOOD LUCK FELLAS! AND LADIES.


    @jpgrocho – ohhh, you're sitting for it right now! Good luck!! I hear ya with running out of time… I rushed my last essay and submitted the simulations with 17 seconds to go!! I've never ran up against the clock like that before… usually I finish with 15 to 30 minutes lefts. Makes me think it should be longer than 3 hrs… Best of luck to you!



    Hi All, Took BEC yesterday (thanks to Sandy the date got extended till December). Just wanted to share my experience which might be helpful. I can never tell how I do on CPA exams anymore, when I think I failed I actually pass and vice versa which is a lot more often 🙁 Anyhoo… for BEC there was a LOT of calculations involved..I mean a LOT..out of 24 questions per set almost 70% were calculations from variances to cost accounting to WACC to what not! Exhausting to say the least as all questions were over a para long and involved a story and more calculations. Plus there were two extremely easy questions one for CAPM calculation and one for WACC…very easy everything was given BUT the problem was that the NONE of the answer options matched the one I calculated….so I'm still baffled about it…I mean it was a SIMPLE CAPM and WACC question…ANYONE can do it…but yet…the answer option did not have the correct answer!!!!!!!I even tried playing with the formula to get something close to the options but in vain……..but as with all exams I'm hopeful….finger's crossed..lets really hope I made the 75 cut!



    @cpasure.. I had the same experience, there was a very simple question, very straight forward calculations and none of the answers matched my answer… I think it means it a pretest questions. At least thats what im telling myself.. good luck!..

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