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    Trying to grind out the remaining B2 stuff today. I'll be honest I've been unmotivated because I know how many and how long these questions are.

    I'll most likely move through B4-B6 very quick and probably reattempt B1-B3 again later on in my review.



    This is the end of my review as my exam is Saturday but I've had a REALLY hard time focusing for this exam. I'm just hoping that my effort over the next couple days is enough to get me to a 75!




    BV or not to BV




    AT US

    So many MNEOMICS!



    I have until Saturday to review and cram for BEC! I'm wondering if I'd be better served reviewing new MCQ (Wiley Test Bank) or questions I've gotten wrong in the past. Any advice would be great!



    @sydbogg – I would say it really doesn't matter which questions you review, I would just keep reviewing and working MC questions until you're blue in the face! I know a lot of people that just kept working and working questions to pass this exam. Good luck on Saturday!



    Just got back from BEC. Kinda disappointed in my performance. I'll post my experience in the “BEC Exam Experience” thread.


    Exam is on Monday. I've been studying for this exam forever as this is my 3rd time taking it and I just took it in October. I'm just planning on working all the Wiley multiple choice questions and reading over my Ninja notes. Any other suggestions?



    Planning on taking BEC Feb 1st… I've taken BEC twice and failed soooo I'm hoping that third time is a charm 🙂 … Wish me luck!!!!!



    Goodluck to everyone taking the test soon!!

    @fearthebeard I'm sure you did fine based off your other 3 exam scores so keep your head up. I just read your experience post..

    You kind of got me worried now since I am focusing a lot more on all the calculations and formulas. You don't think Becker prepped you well enough for this? and what do you mean on the writing section which one wouldnt count, only 2/3 of the writing portion counts?




    No, I was saying Becker overprepared me for certain things and not other things. There was a lot of material I studied from chapters 1 – 3 (and even chapter 5) that wasn't on the exam. I spent almost a week reviewing those chapters, not to mention hundreds of questions. Anyway, I'm probably thinking about it too much, and I don't want to violate AICPA disclosure rules. Just prepare as much as you can, for everything. But don't be disappointed if 5% of what you study actually appears on the exam.

    There are three tasks in the writing section. One of them doesn't count. It's similar to the simulations for FAR, AUD, and REG – one of them is a pre-test question and doesn't count in your grade. What I did was pick the strangest task, the one I thought was most likely to be a pre-test question, and gave it minimal effort. Like I said before, it was probably a stupid move, but it's over now. I'll find out in a month if that was the correct move…



    About Bond Yields:

    Is the yield to maturity always greater than the current yield? And is the current yield always greater than the coupon rate?



    Halfway done with the book again.. finished B3 review today.

    I'm not sure what it is about BEC but I am feeling REALLY burnt out. I track my hours and I've put in about 60 so far. For FAR i did close to 180 and I wasn't really burnt out more just annoyed.

    11 days to go..


    I'm feeling very burnt out as well! 3 more days. Time to finish strong!




    Give it all you've got, you're almost there.I'm really impressed with your re-take scores. What did you do in the second round? I'm feeling the pain re-studying for BEC (70) but grasping things better. Thanks.


    I've used CPAExcel from the get-go. The second time around, I just did everything I did the first time but better. I read the book and did the corresponding MCQs. And when it came down to a week before the exam went back through and skimmed the bok and redid all the MCQs. I wasn't so lucky when I retook BEC, but I also wasn't mentally prepared to take that exam. This time for BEC I did add Jeff's 10-point combo which has seemed to help. I used the Wiley questions in addition to my CPAExcel questions and read through his note page often which has seemed to help the concepts sink in.



    For you Becker folks, are you all doing the “optional questions”? I was planning on doing the B3 ones, but theres 120 of them. Ive already done the 200 regular ones 2-3x over and feel really comfortable with this section.

    I think id rather save the 1.5 hours and just review the next section. Is it bad to skip these over though?



    I/T is a bunch of non-sense.

    Every subsection has like 15 subsections. 500 different job titles all are similar but at the same time different.



    I am new here. I am studying from Wiley's book and MCQ. Woul you guys recommend anything to add to that? Ninja notes perhaps?



    I am using Wiley too. I would add NINJA flashcards! I love mine. I take BEC tomorrow! I got a 74 in Nov…. didn't have the flashcards then. Hoping they help me here like they did for REG



    BEC tomorrow.

    Really burnt out so I'm taking it easy tonight.



    @littlenumberrobot How many hours did you put in into BEC the first time? I am shooting for 100 hours, about five weeks. Sometimes I wonder if it is enough.


    @aloysa – I think it was roughly 96hrs. I did 12hrs(+/-) for 8 weeks.



    @littlenumberrobot good luck!! If you were that close last time I'm sure you have it in the books now! 🙂



    @audiox & littlenumberrobot

    Good luck!!


    @nbad311 & SeePeeAyy

    THANK YOU!!! Trying to escape the office now to do my last minute review 😛

    @audiox Get some rest and good luck tomorrow!



    I might honestly move my exam up. Its set for 1/14, but Im finishing my entire book review in the next 1-2 days. What the hell am I going to do for the next 10 days?



    Thanks @seepeeayy, and good luck to you too @littlenumberrobot




    Ganna start tomorrow studying for BEC

    I already have Becker 2012 and kind of get sick of studying too much information that keep me unfocused in the main topic ,

    Really liked roger review style in teaching ! Do you think I should go for it or Becker is enough ?

    Did any one try the online cram is it usful to understand the material?



    Back from my test. I posted this in “exam experience” but I'll repost it here:

    First testlet: Very Easy

    Second Testlet: Pretty hard (good sign), marked about ten, a lot of theory questions that I had to guess on

    Third Testlet: Moderate

    I went into written communication with about 1 hr 40 min still left on the clock. I took my time organizing and writing those.

    Overall, not too bad. Based on previous exams I am guessing (hoping?) I passed.

    Without giving anything specific away, I'm glad I didn't spend too much time on some of the difficult calculation problems, because I didn't end up seeing a lot of them. The ones I guessed on were more theoretical. But any test could be different, so who knows?

    Good luck to those yet to take it.


    Taking the BEC section on tuesday, try to concentrate on B1-B3 today and B4-B6 tomorrow.

    For me BEC is the most scarring section of this exam, because you cannot prepare yourself 100% to succeed. A lot of those questions on the exam are not covered by any review course I guess, there are a lot of MCQ which require a general understanding of business.

    So I try to relax myself and keep doing the lectures for the next two days, progress tests and the final exam from Becker.

    By the way the passing rate at the BEC part is the highest one in 2012 😉

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