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    Goodluck to all you who just took it.

    Everybody in exam experience is saying there are so few calculations. Im mostly worried/studying B2-B3 with all the different formulas and such. I'll be pretty bummed if I spent so much review time and none show up, hah.


    Well I did all of the Becker MCQ (including the optional ones) two times, and I try to concentrate on the fundamental material right now. If you understand the general calculations, it's enough for the exam. I'm sure the MCQ on the exam will look quit different than the ones on Becker (like most of the BEC-takers already told), so it's more important to focus on the basics and have a general understanding of business than tackle every calculation as often as you can.

    Just my thought 😉




    I noticed you have all 4 sections of the exam scheduled within 3 weeks. If you dont mind me asking how are you doing that? lol How do you study given the short amount of time. (I could use any tips you have)

    I am also taking BEC on 1/8. It will be my second attempt. I have been studying intensly for about 2 weeks now. I took BEC on 10/31 and failed with a 70. I studied for about 5 weeks then and thought I did really well but much to my surprise I failed.

    I am begining to panic because I am still doing chapter 6 and then will have to do a final review in a day. I am scoring better this time around on all the mcq (Becker). What or how do u suggest on focusing. Do you believe in “overstudying” or burning yourself out it? A lot people have said to me not to study the day before because u will burn yourself out however, I am not sure I really believe in that (I have always been a crammer for studying).


    Well I have no experience how effective my learning approach is, because I don't know the results yet 😉

    I'm using Becker self-study, listen to every lecture, doing every MCQ two or three times, doing all of the simulations, making notes and doing the final exams. I also think full time study is more effective than studying after work or only on weekends (if you can choose to do so), because if you going through all of the material of BEC in 60 hours within a week it probably stays longer in your mind than studying piecemeal.

    BEC is a strange section of the CPA exam, I hope I will nail it tomorrow.

    Now back to the material 😉



    I agree with you- I feel like the material sticks with you more if you study say 60 hrs a week instead of 60 hrs over a month.

    When I took the BEC exam first time, the last 3 ch (ch4-6) I uderstood & retained more because I did it in 3 days.

    However, ch 1-3 took me about 3-4 weeks to get thru and I had such a hard time with it. Granted the first 3 chapters are much harder.

    This time around, for my second attempt at BEC, I have been studying full time for about 2 weeks. Granted I have already studied the info 2 months ago, but it is so much easier to understand it


    Just finished a progress test with 72 MCQ with a 94%, I think I will now leave the Becker software and review the text book for the rest of the day.

    Wish you all the luck you need for tomorrow



    Thank you!

    Still amazed at how well u do given the short amount of time!:)



    Ugh…wanted to move my exam up to Wed/Thur and I go onto prometric and theres no seats left. Figures, really dont have the motivation to study for another week, ready to get this done with.



    Ended up rescheduling at a different place, taking it Thursday now.

    Going to do Final Exams/Progress Tests and read notes until then.



    @vt7, I feel the same. My first BEC try was spanned over 2.5-3 months, but I wasn't studying 3+ hours EVERY day. It also took me a loooong time to get through the hard chapters and not so much time to get through the easier ones/ But I guess come test time, that hard material never really stuck. This time around, I've been studying multiple hours a day (taking one day off completely) each week, and now EVERYTHING seems fresh in my mind, not just the easy stuff. We'll see if it pays off! I have 12 days and I almost wish I had LESS days now. I'm not sure how to make the best of my week and a half left!



    57/72 on Final Exam 1 + hopefully 100% on the WC = 83.

    Kind of nervous though because you really need to be close to perfect on the McQ in order to pass this exam. I don't like the weighing of this exam score…



    BEC questions are so tricky.

    The process of capturing data and ultimately producing information output is referred to as:

    Data processing

    Transaction processing

    Transaction controls

    Information and communication

    You read it and youre like oh its definitely a….wrong B.



    ^ I concur! This section is brutal. Not sure if I'm just eager to be done or what. Concepts come off straight forward and very quickly become convoluted ;(



    Wow…just took the second final exam in Becker.

    If thats anything like what the real test is like I might as well stay home




    Wow… I'm pretty sure that if we ask that question to any IT guy out there he would have picked letter A too.

    What's Becker's excuse, I mean “explanation” for A beign wrong?

    This is one of the things that bothers me about Becker, they come up with these unnecessary hard and complicated questions that are time consuming and the only thing they accomplish is to chatter the student's confidence.

    Studying for this section has been a total pain in the ***. It took me 3 days to get through all of chapter 2's homework.

    Makes me wish I was studying for REG again.



    ^^ I dont really remember I think it said something like Data processing occurs after transaction processing.

    Been taking 50 McQ Progress tests and re-reading/writing notes. I think I am ready to go and give it my best shot and get it over with… T – 48 hours.



    I'm hardly learning from B2's MCQs (Budget & Analysis) except for the variance part. The answers are so vague, they haven't presented “why” the answer is such. They just throw you the computations. Should I just switch to Wiley? I've hardly been productive the past 2 days with this section.

    Becker is just throwing tables & “squeezes” on the answers. At least I know this is the worst chapter, just a struggle to get through this part. Thanks.




    am thinking also to shift to reoger !



    ^^ Becker has been reported by many who took BEC to have prepared them well. Just a heads up with Becker, the McQ are very difficult for a reason — so you learn.

    Don't expect to be a master after trying them once. I did every chapter 2x over now (reading and questions) and saw a huge improvement. Keep practicing it will become easier.

    Although, if you think another study material would help you better than Becker go for it.



    I used Becker fresh out of school (now I'm almost 5 years removed), before the grind of public accounting really starting to suck all my free time out of me…………. and didn't pass one part in 4 attempts.



    I just finished B3 and am starting to watch the lectures for B4.

    I'm hoping the experience that others had will be the same in that the calculations for B1-B3 are overkill. I have that issue with Becker too in that they seem to make these questions overly complicated. I guess there's a method to their madness and I have to step back and realize the material is going to stick if I do the work.

    I like adding facts I find as I do the Becker MCQs to the NINJA notes and I then read the final notes daily as I work progress tests. Hopefully it will work well for BEC too as B1-B3 are harshing my mellow.

    AUD – 11/19/12 – 99

    BEC – 02/20/13

    REG – 04/24/13

    FAR – 07/05/13

    Becker Self Study and NINJA Notes



    Another cumulative PT – 94% Wish my exam was today and not tomorrow, feeling ready to go. Thank god I pushed my exam up from next monday.



    Does anyone have a better solution for a Wiley BEC test bank problem in Cost Measurement COST-0040? The CM for the second calculation doesn't make sense as to how $7.5M was derived. Any help is much appreciated.




    Post the question and full solution



    Becker does overcomplicate the formula- especially the budget variances. I would just stick with knowing the basics and you will do fine. Both times I took BEC, I have never had an exam question that was complicated like Beckers. The

    exam questions are much simpler and basic than Becker. I just took Becker yesterday and there was very few calculations involved. It was more theory and conceptual stuff. But they were extremely tricky. My friend also took BEC a few days before me and her exam was all calculations.

    My suggestion is to just make a “cheat sheet” of all formulas and know how to apply the formula to a basic problem.

    Becker's approach is too make the study material harder than the exam so that u will be well prepared for the exam.

    Becker is like an “over achiever” lol. You never know what actually questions will show up on the exam, it's like a hit or miss. I took BEC in Oct- mostly computational & extremely hard (failed with 70) and retook yesterday – had few computational questions (theres goes my days of studying formuals/problems) mostly theory but very tricky.

    I have also noticed that BEC sample written communications in the begining of book are very similar to exam. I actually had exact question on exam (both times).




    Unfortunately I can't copy and paste the question and solution to the forum due to Wiley CPA not allowing the copy paste function in there software.



    I just moved my exam up a week to this Friday. I'm so burn out on this material. I added Ninja notes plus CPAexcel this time + Becker flashcards.

    I never want to study this again!!



    Feeling extremely confident right now, not sure if thats good or bad. Just went through the entire Becker book page 1-end and could almost recite each page from memory. Didnt have to stop and review any topics heavily, just hoping the MC questions aren't brutal today.

    5 Hours till exam getting pumped to be done.




    Good luck! I hope you get to share your approach after taking BEC, just not the biggest fan of this section. You got this.



    simple question: Wren sells 4 units of product A for every unit of product B. Becker says it means product A = 4 * product B. I don't understand why it is not the other way (4A = 1B). can someone explain it to me? it seems really easy but I can't understand it for some reason.

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