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    Question: Do you think it is better to study sections B1-B5 and then go back over ALL the material a second time OR study each one slower and more thoroughly only 1 time? I test in 2-3 weeks and I am almost done with B2 about to go on to B3. This is my first section and I have not sat for any yet.

    My strategy has been: listen to lectures, read material, do homework. So far I have not done much with notecards and re-do the homework until I get them all right (averaging about 70-80% first time through).

    My feeling is that it is better to get through the material and practice the questions instead of wasting time reading every single detail and then go back and refresh everything again. I also purchased the final review and plan to do that the week before the exam.

    Any advice?



    I made the mistake of only practicing MCQs with one of my exams and I failed. 🙁 Just make sure that you are actually understanding the questions and not memorizing them. I've found that learning the details is important to understanding the questions a lot of the time.


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    Typically (well, twice now) I go through the lectures one week at a time, reading the book, making note cards and working all the questions. Once finished, I re-read the book, re-work the questions, take the practice tests and then spot study before the real thing. Because the window is drawing to a close, I'd take a little more time with the material and then maybe take quizzes on the previous sections once or twice a week. Also, since you have the final review, I would think that would be a fine substitute for going over the material a second time, though I haven't tried the product myself.



    Thank you both for the response. I decided to go back through some B2 material and make note cards. I am now onto B3 and I plan to thoroughly cover the material before moving on.

    Another question: I am enrolled in the Fast Pass class that starts May 16-23. I sit for the exam May 25th. I am considering skipping the class sessions and using that time to do the Final Review and re-review the material on my own. I'm thinking the in-class lectures will be very similar to the discs.

    Again, any advice would be great. I'm stressing out and re-thinking my strategy because it is my first section and I only gave myself 3 weeks to prepare.



    I think the Fast Pass class is a good idea, sometimes you remember things better by hearing them out loud instead of reading on your own. Its just one day a week right? and the rest of the time you are studying at home, so that sounds like you get the benefit of hearing the information again in class and studying at home. Even if the information is the same, or very similar to the disc, it will be in a more concise format (because its Fast Pass) and will probably help reinforce the most important information.



    The class is everyday mon-thurs and then the following monday, so 5 classes in one week. 4 hours per day, then study at night. I was hoping to get through all the material once before that so it will be more like a condensed review but I'm only starting B3 now and the class starts in 5 days so that might be tough.

    Not sure when i will find time for the final review and 2 final exams either. I guess I will have to do the Final Review that weekend in between class B4 and B5. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

    Any and all ideas for BEC cram study would be great? I'm exactly 2 weeks until test day and freaking out!!! haha



    I'm taking BEC in two days. I've been using both Becker and Wiley which I've done for the other 3 as well. Becker gives usually give more detail than Wiley, but Wiley has better problems. With the other exams I was able to identify which were the corresponding sections between Becker and Wiley. I'd read one, skim the other for any additional info, then work the problems. I've found it very difficult this time because they divide the info up so differently. Between the disparity of presentation and the wide variety of info tested, I didn't feel like I was getting the overall picture of the material as well as I was going to need for the exam. What I've done for my final review is the following:

    –Went back to the AICPA outline and printed out a page for each of the six sections with what was being tested

    –Becker's organized (mostly) along the outline so I have been going through Becker in order – referring to the Becker provided notes (which don't always follow the order of the text), the corresponding Ninja notes, and the corresponding Wiley info – frequently refer back to the AICPA outline to make sure I'm on track

    –Add my notes as necessary and create a list of formulas/ratios for each of the texts

    –Work problems and list any weak areas for further review

    I know it sounds complicated, but I was struggling to get my head around what I actually needed to know for this test. Doing this has helped me to feel like I'm on a clear path rather than running from one thing to another. Will finish up w/ everything but IT tonight, review that tomorrow, and take the exam Friday morning. I'm hoping that Friday the 13th turns out to be good luck for me.



    I'm taking BEC for the first time this friday too! good luck!!!



    Interesting strategy, I've decided to focus solely on Becker materials. I will look at the AICPA outline though and use that as guidance thank you for the suggestion.

    I guess I am just getting discouraged because I am scoring 75-80% on the homework my first try after reviewing each section and that does not seem high enough. I realize I will go over the material again in the fast pass but its tough seeing those scores and knowing curve balls will be thrown on the exam as well. Seems like finance is the most heavily weighted so I am trying to focus on B3.

    Good luck on the exam, please post your experiences post-exam and any insight you may have on how you would adjust your techniques.



    @smahalic: It is my understanding, someone correct me if I'm wrong, that the percentile of MCQs that you correctly answer will not equal your weighted score. So 75% of questions answered correctly should more than cover a 75 weighted score. I had a professor tell me that he thought it was between 50-55% correct needed to get a 75. Sound familiar to anyone else?



    Unfortunately it's not as simple as that. According to the wonderful folks at AICPA each question has a different weight attached to it depending on its difficulty. They throw this in the pot, add feedback from volunteers as to what constitutes sufficient knowledge, toss in some eye of newt for good measure, stir it, turn around three times, wave their magic wands, and out pops the passing score. You can read all about it at the following link:

    Sorry, I get a little sarcastic when I've been studying BEC all day.

    smahalic, it sounds like you're doing OK. What I try to focus on is not so much the score but how well I think I understand the material after I've finished reviewing errors and guesses. I feel that working and reviewing problems helps me as much as studying the text.



    @dallas and kb, you have no idea how much better that makes me feel, i guess i just assumed the % was equal to the exam. Let's hope I am doing better than initially thought. I guess its hard to tell since each question holds a different weight exactly how well/poor I am doing.

    I'm still not going to be able to get through all the material before the fast pass 🙁 but I will be through B3 and at least partially done with B4 (might skip B4 and go over B5 this weekend instead though).

    Also, I still don't know when I am going to find time for the Final Exams and Final Review. Any ideas for timing strategy with those? I only have 1 day after the fast pass ends before I sit.



    smahalic – I wouldn't skip #4 entirely. I got a copy of the Becker books from someone else so I didn't use the videos and am not familiar with their review process so I can't give you an idea as to how long the review takes. However, if I was short on time, I'd read thru 4 and 5 (not study in detail) and work as many problems as I could. I think it's better to have at least seen all the material rather than to know some of it really well and some not at all. Plus, I learned just as much from working the problems as I did from studying the text.



    just re-scheduled my test date for may 31st, now i have a full week for the final review and final exams after my course ends 🙂

    Not going to get through all the material before the fast pass class still but i might just watch the lectures for B4 and B5 so i can get through them, that way I will have a good overview before I go in depth with the material in the class. Does that sound like a good plan?

    Thanks for all the advice KB, if you have other tips or thoughts i would definitely like to hear them.

    Anybody else that has taken BEC in 2011 or has any input on becker hw results vs the weighted average scoring please let me know your thoughts.

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