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    This is my first post, but have been following another71 for a while now. I passed audit on the first try and am scheduled to take BEC in a couple weeks. I am using Becker and found it was great for audit but not so much for BEC especially with all of the calculations. Becker seems to give one good example in the lectures and says if you know this, you'll be fine…well im doing the homework and am really struggling, especially with the cost accounting stuff. I have heard from my friends who have taken BEC that they didnt' get many cost accounting questions on their exam, has anyone else had this experience? Any other advice to help me out? Thanks.



    Cost accounting was difficult for me too, and I had to work through alot of homework problems before it started to make sense to me. I used Wiley and it helped. I wouldn't skip over studying for cost accounting…chances are pretty good it'll be on the exam.



    Guys, same here. I am taking BEC in two weeks and I think becker does not do a good job on this section. My problem is I am getting in the 80's on most of the HW's during my review. Should I push off the test and take it the next window, because I seem to have forgotten the material since I started studying about 3 months ago? Any advise would be appreciated.



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    I used Becker to prepare for BEC, took the exam two weeks ago. While studying, I had a horrendous time with B3 and some difficulty with the overhead variances at the end of B5. Did my best to learn it, but when I took the real thing I got hammered on B3 material. Ouch. Overall, I would say that my experience using Becker for this section translated rather poorly to the real exam.

    The best advice I can give (I did/am doing this myself) is to finish up the course as best you can, and give the exam a shot. If you fail, blame the review course and find a better one.



    I am using Yaeger and Becker for BEC and I highly recommend Yaeger for the info you find in Becker's B3 and B5. Also Yeager stresses more calculations in Econ than Becker does.

    Cindy Simpson is an excellent instructor. She has worked in Cost accounting and actually draws it out so you can picture it visually. Becker tends to make these sections more confusing to me.

    And her handouts are great along with Jeff's Ninja notes.



    I have to say that my BEC experience was much like cfitom's. I certainly struggled and feel like there is no way I passed…BEC was my first section, so now I have no confidence for the rest of the sections…waiting for my BEC score is really bothering me (hence why I am still reading/posting on BEC topics!)…My written were also not BEC related, but I feel like they were basic enough to BS, so I am mostly concerned with the MCQ. I swear there were quite a few that were not covered in my Becker course which was really stressing me out on the exam!

    Best of luck to anyone that has already or will take BEC this Q…I am praying for a 76!



    IwannaBaCPA – Sorry that BEC was so tough, but don't let it get you down about the other exams. I think that one of the hardest things about BEC is that there is so much overlap of material with other exams. It's not necessarily that they're testing you on the same topics, but you need to have an understanding of the same concepts e.g. you need to understand effective interest rates and present value for bonds and leases in FAR and for financial management in BEC. It was easier for me to learn those topics when reviewing for the other exams–in my opinion it typically fit in the subject matter better and the review explanations were generally more thorough. Of course, we'll see what I think after I take BEC on 5/13.

    Hope you did better than you thought on BEC so you don't have to face it again.



    Thanks a ton kb24! I love this forum and the fact that “most” people on here are so supportive…sometimes when I am sitting down for a full day of studying, I forget that there are so many others doing the exact same thing…it helps to stop by here and be reminded 🙂

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