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    Just took a Becker practice exam, and wondering if there are any encouraging stories that it was much more difficult that the actual exam. Also, any other suggestions for Reg would be helpful.



    the Becker exams are harder than actual. Don't worry too much if you did bad, just go back through it read the question and answer and use it as a learning tool.



    When I was finishing up my last quarter of undergraduate I was working with a girl who took the Becker final for FAR and scored in the 40s. She took another Becker final the day after and scored in the high 50s. She ended up passing the actual exam with a score in the low 80s. That was for FAR though; I'm not sure about REG.



    I took both Becker practices for REG and scored between 70-75 and ended up passing with 97. I took both FAR practices and scored between 40-50 and actually got a 69. I just finished my first AUD practice test with a 70 and and am hoping for the same kind of consistency for Monday's actual test.

    I am really curious about other people's experience and hope more people share their practice to actuals.



    I would also tend to agree that the Becker final exams are harder. For FAR I averaged 65-70 on the final exam and got an actual score of 86. For BEC I also averaged in the 70s for Becker and got an actual score of 94. I think I just got lucky on my BEC exam!



    I've only done Becker AUD so far. I was in the mid-high 70s on the practice exams and got a 94 on the actual CPA exam.



    BEC is the only test I have gotten scores back on, but I made 50-55 on the practice test and I made a 79 on the exam. I take the classed face-to-face and everyone I have talked to in class says the practice test are much harder than the actual test.



    So as a general rule of thumb, people score 20-25 points higher on their actual exams.

    I guess Becker's goalis to keep you scared so you will continue to study more.



    I think 20-25 points is pushing it a little. I agree that the Becker's Practice Final Exams are more difficult. On the three exams I have taken, I have consistently averaged about 15 points higher than my practice exam scores for FAR, AUD and BEC. However, I wouldn't want a false sense of security based on Becker's Practice Final Exams. Use the exams has a tool and study the questions that you missed. I printed every questions I missed on the Final Exams and study them.



    I scored high 60's to low 70's on Becker's FAR exam. So that's what I call a GREAT SUCCESS YESHAMESH!

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