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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences trying to get Becker lecture videos to play on their iPads? Is there a way to copy videos and play it or rip it provided that I own the license for the course?

    I was going to go on a big road trip and I thought it would be nice to knock some videos out since I don't have a laptop.

    Thank you.



    I dont know what video format Becker videos are but I was able to find a program to convert .flv to ipad video format for my Yaeger videos and have watched the lectures on my ipad


    Any help? 🙂



    I asked my husband this exact question. I don't think it can be done because of the format the videos are in. If they could be saved in iTunes that would be the way to do it but I don't think they can. If anyone else knows a way I'd love to hear it too!



    Here is my tutorial to get the videos on iPad. Note I used Yaeger 2011 homestudy off of a USB so not sure if method will work for any other media or different review course.

    1. Yaeger had the files hidden on the USB so I had to unhide the files to find the video files (in my case a .flv file). Attached is a link to show hidden files on windows

    2. Had to download a .flv to iPad converter. A .flv to .mp4 converter should also work but may have to convert the file once you get in iTunes. I would try to either find a free converter or a trial version where you can download all the files at one time.

    3. Once the file is converted add the file to iTunes. Go to File->Add to Library and the video file should end up in “Movies” library of iTunes.

    4. If the file you converted was able to get into iTunes but not on the iPad go to Advance -> create iPad or Apple TV version and iTunes will convert it to the appropriate format.

    5. Turn on sync movies under devices. I would recommend just selecting a few videos because you will likely not have enough space to have every CPA video on at one time.

    Good luck



    I'll be trying to figure this out soon. If I do i'll make it clear that I did.



    What video format are the becker videos in?



    I mean for the self study at home videos



    i think becker video is in database. you can't just get the video file. you may be able to use some screen recording software while playing tho.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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