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    I thought I had all the requirements for Pathway 2 in California. I have over 225 units, and my major was economics and my minor was accounting. However, I just got a letter yesterday that I do not meet examination education requirements:

    “Baccalaureate or higher degree not conferred or posted on the official transcript.”

    This seems like a simple issue but the office is closed for the weekend. Has anyone dealt with this issue? Thanks in advance!


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    So I can't click the reply button… lol anyways, yea I went to UC San Diego and I sent the transcript after I graduated. I cannot believe this is happening… more unnecessary work.



    They need to see that you actually received a degree. Does the transcript state such? It should, unless you didn't supply your most recent or something.



    I just graduated from UCSB, and I had to go to the registrar's office early in the summer and ask them to put the degree verification on my transcript so I could send it to the CBA. The degree verification guy was very accommodating and put that designation on my transcript later that day so I could send it in. The UCs take their time to review stuff if you don't tell them that you need it sooner, they'll think you're no more important than anyone else. May sure to tell your friends about this so they don't fall into the same hole.



    Yea thanks mraab, you are right. I had to call back last week and make sure that they send another transcript w/ the degree posted.

    Now I'm on “step 5” and just chose the tests that I will take (which is all 4…. lol). This takes too long! haha



    Thanks for reminding me to complete step 5. I just now selected all the tests, too, because I plan on taking them all within the next nine months. I totally would have messed that up and not been able to take BEC in October like I've been planning to do.

    I also just found out that we have to take an ethics exam. According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs[1], Professional Ethics for CPAs (PETH) is necessary for licensure. The more steps I uncover that are essential to becoming a licensed CPA in California, the more I worry that I'm gonna miss something major and only find out when I see my name toward the back of the CBA's semi-annual UPDATE publication[2]. I'm just hoping that other people on the site who come out the other side stick around to share which additional hoops they had to jump through.



    BEC – 10/11

    AUD – 1/12

    REG – 2/12

    FAR – 5/12

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